I Came Across An Irish Gang Today

Guess where I have been today!

I dreamt of Ireland and observed members of a gang of some sort. Or perhaps, I dreamt of America and saw an Irish gang there.

Can you believe it?

If I was in Ireland, then this is my very first dream about Ireland.

There was a bazaar of some sort taking place and several booths were set up by vendors. Dr. Craig Considine was walking around the booths—he is an American who is related to the people of Ireland. Oh! he is mentioned in the blog post, “Dance of Heroes“. He turned and saw me. Then he talked to me for a bit. After that, he just left and started wandering around the booths. Pretty soon, darkness fell and rain started to pour. It rained cats and dogs and everyone got very wet.

The rain is an indication of presence of guardian angels. This has happened before in one of my dreams.

The night became darker as the rain gradually poured on us. How the rain just appears to change the atmosphere and temperature and how intense emotions show during this dream are indications of presence of my guardian angel. Read “11 Signs You’re Being Visited By Your Guardian Angel” and “Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Messages in Dreams” to learn more about guardian angels that visit people during their dreams. Source: “Bodyguarding: Using Video Game Mode To Figure Things Out About India

It was so dark and this dream character was not willing to pay any more attention to me so I left the scene—it’s best to be very polite with your dream characters. I went to the washroom; and, a woman asked me to enter a bathroom with her. I complied. In a hushed voice, she asked me whereabouts of another woman. I told her whatever I knew. Then I left the washroom. The scene changed.

I was now in a building that was perhaps near the area where booths and washrooms were. There was a group of men there; the group included younger men too who should be studying in colleges/universities. One set of the men were demanding something from those men who had more power. The men who were demanding rights or power were more athletically gifted; and, thus they tried to scare others by talking about their physical strength and abilities. The other men were more powerful or perhaps they were just acting to have more power. They used bad language to intimidate the rest. One man got very angry at the senior members of the gang and he threatened them openly. This man was eventually dragged away from the scene. The brawl started suddenly and ended soon. One of the older men picked up something that one man had dropped while being dragged away and cautioned the rest, “What if they or he came back to seek revenge? How are we going to handle that?” Another senior gang member just shrugged this off like “Aarg, whaaatever!”

Their odd way of addressing and treating each other reminded me of gangs, the types you see in movies. Perhaps, the soul of this American or my own psyche was signalling this dream to open so that I may be enlightened; additionally, I might have opened the dream this way because I am interested in learning Mystery writing.

When I woke up, I researched online to find out what exactly is causing this vision. Finally, I found two answers. Read article,“Rising gang violence has seen armed officers sent to Longford – but is the Garda crackdown working?” to learn that gang violence is on rise in some parts of Ireland. Read “Irish Gangs in America”  to learn that the Irish gangs are one of the oldest crime groups in America.

So did I actually visit Ireland or America? I really don’t know. Its possible that this place and this gang actually exists simply because I sometimes receive dreams that later come true—in that case, I know what’s going on and where. But, I was able to nail this story because I am an ENFPmost geniuses are ENFPs—who has a broad vision of things and who use people’s energies to survive. This is why I can see what ails the societies.

Now comes the fun part.

How did I generate this dream?

Well! I love playing with shadows in wall. Before I fell asleep, I imagined a large device that resembled a hot air balloon; I placed some of my favorite heroes and their friends and families in it. Then I drove the balloon around. I also meditated on pictures of two of my favorite heroes both of who like stopping criminal activity.

Looks like I had an adventure!

What about you?

What intrigues you?

You should write down a list of things that you find interesting and then attempt hacking through your lucid dreams.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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