Use Of Hands Or Mental Images Of Hands To Balance Scenes

A couple of days, I was meditating when I decided to browse over pics of one of my favourite American speakers—he is in the list “Dance of Heroes“. In one pics, I noticed—for some reason—he had large and slim hands. This is a detail I did not notice before. Pretty soon, I closed everything and fell fast asleep. Fortunately, I am still glad that I noticed this while releasing psychic energies from my mind. I am still surprised at this result!

I had a dream where I was flying over a large waterbody, a sea or ocean. I flew past a building that just appeared somewhere in this waterbody; then all of a sudden, image of the speaker’s hands came into my mind. And boom! The building I had flown past just bounced back as I felt myself clinging to this scence by using my hands.

Guess where I landed! Inside the White House. There was actually a large party taking place and I did briefly talked to President Trump. Actually, he noticed me coming; and, then he walked towards me and tried to talk to me. (“Oh God! I cannot believe this!” I am still feeling a bit annoyed thinking back about this). He said that that particular speaker was inside the White House. When I went inside, I managed to scan over some faces and he was not there at all—I did see someone who was like him but then again I know that it was not him because I know that he does not work for Trump in any way. I left the party pretty soon! You know this reminds me of how Trump just lies every now and then.

Anyways, the discovery of use of hands to stabilize dream scenes was super fun!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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