I Responded To An Inaudible Voice/Sound And Managed Something Urgent In The Kitchen

Since I am a telepath and lucid dreamer, I can sometimes respond to inaudible voices/sounds. Since these cannot be heard, I do not know whether I am listening to a voice or some other sound. This is rare; and, I intend to keep this rare; otherwise, I would be on red alert all the time since I use these voices/sounds to react before something happens. These are slightly different than my usual telepathic encounters, which are based on several things including voices, images, smells, and dreams. However, I know that if I keep seeking through dreams, then this ability is going to magnify. Read “Some Telepathic Encounters Are Like Inaudible Voices“.

Today, I was sitting in the kitchen and working in one of my projects. I was writing, browsing online, and reading fast. My mind was pretty occupied with thoughts about my project and the articles I was reading so I was willing to not pay that much attention to my surroundings. All of a sudden, I just looked up and stared in a particular direction. Nothing was going on inside the kitchen except that one of my female friends was busy finishing some of her tasks. I realized that I was actually ignoring her and was staring in a specific direction looking for something. But, there was nothing peculiar out there! Slowly, I realized that I should not be staring at things when nothing is going on. I allowed myself to break free of this trance and was able to focus on my books. After 7 minutes or so had passed, I started smelling something. I looked up to find out that something was burning on the stove because my friend left it there and forgot about it. I ran towards the stove and managed everything.

Wow! Listening to inaudible voices/sounds is pretty fun!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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