My Maternal Instincts Stay Intact While I Dream

I had an interesting dream a while ago. I was with a dream character who looked like a newly married friend of mine. He was in a hospital where his daughters were sleeping—the guy on whom this dream character is based does not have any kids right now. His daughters were pretty young; and, he was worried about them and about being able to properly maintain how he was providing for them. Then I wandered into the room and started talking to them. He tried to find out what I needed. I told him that I needed to get to the Airport. He decided to move his daughters back home where his wife was waiting and also to get me to the Airport. He picked up one of his daughters and the rest followed him. He was a bit worried about me and wanted to get me to the Airport first. He decided to take the stairs because he knew that the stairs would lead us to an area that was near the Airport. I went with him; but, I felt scared of the cold air. So I took two of his daughters and decided to go the other way. I firmly told him that I am not letting the girls go that way because it is dangerous for them. I walked with them towards the nearest parking lot where my car—perhaps a rented or borrowed vehicle—was parked and put both girls inside the car. I then closed the doors and let the car’s heat warm them up. Then I looked back to see where he was. He was not behind me. Perhaps he decided to get his car and kept one of his daughters with him so that I get to worry less.

I had this dream some days ago. I am thinking back to it. I love how I reacted to these kids who have not arrived in this world yet.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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