I still remember rejecting a marriage proposal because the guy was not handsome enough for me. I still remember how once a friend of mine said that good looking guys can’t be trusted—I thought she was confused. Reality is that one reason why I cannot find a good marriage proposal is that I have great looks; its nothing to do with my intelligence. I completed a quiz about what kind of guys I attract and found out that I attract smart men. Since the men who find me attractive are themselves very intelligent, my level of intellect is satisfactory to begin with. Today, I was reading Berit Brogaard’s article “Are We Attracted to People Who Look Like Us?“. This article clearly states that we get attracted to people who look like ourselves or opposite-sex parents. Interesting that humans are choosing faces they are most familiar with!

I have learned through Islam that one must marry someone one is physically attracted to. Of course! one’s preferences matter a lot while deciding whom to marry. So it is very important to know that one should not marry someone one finds repulsive in some ways. There is something interesting I have been noticing! Oh, I can see these things because I am telepathic. My face reflects the face of the people I interact with. So if I dislike someone’s looks—or behaviour—my face does not feel like my regular face.

I am an Empath and an ENFP. As an empath, I would like to be taken very seriously. However, I am a telepath. I can warn you ahead of time what is about to happen if I love you. For instance, I warned a medical student about narcissistic teachers and after one year, he came back and told me that he has encountered such teachers during his first year. Can you believe it? He saw what I warned him about right away! So I don’t hang out with menincluding my relativeswho don’t believe in my telepathic abilities. Read article “15 Things To Remember If You Love An Empath“.

I am an ENFP so I love to feel free. As a result, controlling men who are posing around as smart men won’t ever be able to find me although some of them would attempt to do so because they get attracted to my empathy. A mix of ENFP and Empath is actually very lethal because this is what causes people to rebel and protect the weak. As an ENFP, I love challenging people to see how they will react and behave. This is why I know that an average guy won’t be able to marry me. To add to all of this, I do have unusual whims. For example, I watch dance videos or clips of exciting Sci-Fi, Action, or Fantasy movies like Transformers and Maleficent while listening to some intriguing songs—during this activity, I mute the volume of the dance and movie clips and listen only to songs. Now that my dear is very perplexing to watch. So obviously, the guy who will get attracted me has to be smart enough to understand how my unusual desires work. To learn more about ENFPs, check out 7 Things You Should Know Before You Date An ENFP.

In addition, the guy I will marry will be able to withstand a lot of intelligent torture. Its a simple idea! Good poetry is torture; and, I am an amazing poet. Empathy is one of the best traits required in dating. Combine my empathic nature with my layered ENFP personality type, then the level of torture that is going to be inflicted on daily basis is actually pretty high. So who exactly is going to get attracted to me or to whom I will be attracted to? I don’t know yet; but, I know there is definitely a man out there who will marry me.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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