Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Use Your Sense Of Humour

When I was a child, my uncles used to tickle me a lot—may God bless two of my very funny uncles who have passed away. I felt very safe around them so I used to make sure that they would tickle me. So I had a strong sense of humour when I grew older. Now I use humour but only when I feel safe enough to do so—I think a mix of strong empathy and ENFP personality type dictate this.

I know Coronavirus is here so everyone is jailed in their own houses. I have been holding on as best as I can; but, today I felt that I was going to break down. I mean I am an ENFP. I need people around me otherwise I might get way too frustrated. True! I am living inside a very racist country; but, the human energy means a lot to my brain and soul; and, I know that there are some good people out there. Anyways, I actually realized this about myself a long while ago; and, I also patiently taught myself how to pursue myself to be happy if I get lonely for some reason.

Mimicking is a fun technique that I sometimes use when I am super-bored. Following these steps will help you perform this on your own:

Step 1: Sit or stand in front of a mirror

Step 2: Run a video of your favourite person; for example, a poet, a celebrity, or a friend

Step 3: Mimic that person. If the person you are mimicking is usually too serious, then try messing up while impersonating that person. One way that I mess up my routines is by being silent and just copying their hand gestures.

Laugh out loud! I have learned to mimic some interesting people this way. I have learned their hand gestures, the way they move their mouth or face, and the way they talk or argue. I can sometimes do this properly and other times I laugh at myself while attempting this. Since I am a writer, acting comes natural to me. One day, I pretended to be a Sultan. I tried doing this without a script and it went horribly. But, I had a laugh because I had wrapped my hair up a bit differently in my blue headscarf and was pretending to wear a royal turban of some sort. I sat on my bed; caressed my blanket while pretending it was some sort of expensive silken fabric; and, harassed some petty commoner (an imaginary friend). Like I said, this one was a big mess but it felt so hilarious. Takhliah! (takhliah means “everyone must leave”).

You can utilize your sense of humour in many ways including reading funny comics, pranking your family members, or writing something funny. So give this idea a shot if you desire. Your reward centres should be going on pretty fast!

Still not in? Read article “Does Humor Make You Live Longer?”  to learn about the benefits of humor.


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