Prediction Within A Prediction: Use Of Mind’s Peripheral Vision

I have received two dreams that each carry two predictions but focus on only one prediction. It feels like noticing things from one’s peripheral vision.

In May 2019, I had a dream after I meditated on Eric Anthamatten and Carl Jung. Soon I had a dream about three skeletons, which I believe are related to New York since Eric’s resume states New York. In this dream, there was a strong hint about COVID-19 pandemic; basically, it was talking about how travel is bad and can lead to death. Read the dream here, Lucid Dream: The Three Skeletons And The Airport.

 The beings that were sitting there almost frozen in space and time actually noticed me when I started screaming, “Where is the airport?” To answer my inquiry, the skeletons started moving, which was shocking and exciting to watch. The male skeleton indicated something to the woman and me. The female skeleton held a knife; asked the male skeleton to help her; sat on the box/hole; noticed that the guy skeleton was not going to do anything; and, then attempted to open the box/hole with her knife. The knife made some grating screeches and finally the box/hole opened. When she opened it, a male skeleton that was stored inside became alive and just stepped out. As soon as he got out of the place where he was confined, he slit his throat with the knife and changed into some kind of soil-like substance. I think he somehow conveyed to me that he was the old boyfriend of the female skeleton.

The opening to the airport was at the bottom of this pit. The female skeleton pointed out and said, “The airport is in there”. Source: Lucid Dream: The Three Skeletons And The Airport.

In Aug 2015, I dreamt of some sort of armed conflict taking place in some region, which I later realized is America. At the beginning of this dream, I saw a Black woman who said that a plague has arrived here (in America). Read the blog post Time Portals Open According To Your Decisions And Intentions.

I thought about these two hints slowly as I learned about the Coronavirus outbreak. According to Worldometer, New York has the highest number of deaths that are caused by Coronavirus. I think together these two dreams are showing a prediction that is hidden inside other predictions. Thus, I believe that the human mind has some sort of peripheral vision built inside.

Added Sep 04, 2020

Check out this mass grave that was dug in New York to bury victims of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Added Mar 08, 2022

Another meaning that’s attached to this dream is that Professor Eric Anthamatten was eventually stabbed to death in May 2021. Read full story here “I Caught Professor Eric Anthamatten’s Murder Through A Lucid Dream” May God bless his soul!

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