Proper sleep hygeine is very important especially during a crisis. I learned this while managing a concussion.

Here is a handout about sleep hygeine, which is provided by Sleep Foundation. You can also download applications like “Calm” or listen to Sleep Stories on YouTube. My favourite way of falling asleep is to listen to rain sounds. YouTube has lots of versions of rain sounds including “rain on roof” and “rain in village”. My most loved rain sounds are provided by YouTube user “The Relaxed Guy”. His videos range in length, which helps to relax during different routines. For example, run the 2 hour long video when you are reading a book; and, run 12 hour long video when you are going to bed. Check out his YouTube video “Gentle Night Rain 12 HOURS – Sleep, Insomnia, Meditation, Relaxing, Study“.

Sweet Dreams!

toddler lying on pink fleece pad

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