I Think Like An Astronaut

Previously in my post, “I Think Like A Cop“, I discussed how I can think like a cop—my telepathic and lucid dreaming abilities are also a part of this.

Just a day or two days ago, I found out that I have been thinking like an astronaut while working on my “Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak” series.

Here is the tweet that shares a video provided by AJ+. Here are the four tips on self-isolation that are offered by Astronauts.

Tip 1) Higher Purpose: I discussed higher purpose in the blog post “How To Handle The Coronavirus Outbreak” by referring to use of prayers and then again in blog post “Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Help For Creatives“.

Tip 2) Get a Hobby, Set Goals: I discussed goal setting and a hobby, drawing and coloring. Read “Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Drawing And Coloring Eases Tension” and “Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Using Lists And Setting Goals To Do Something Creative. 

Tip 3) Connect With Nature: I discussed this in my blog post “Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Sleep Well”.

Tip 4) Listen to Health Experts: I shared lots of helpful information in the blog posts “How To Handle The Coronavirus Outbreak“, “Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Protect The Men“, and Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Use Your Sense Of Humour.

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