Burned Down Unlit Yellow Candle

In a very recent dream of mine, I started out in a state where I felt awake but also asleep. It was not the usual lucid dreaming state; it felt more like I was really going to wake up if I turned in my bed a bit.

The entire dream was set in darkness. I was next to this massive energy, which I hugged. It was beautiful energy; and, I felt much stronger after holding it. The energy felt like a real person; but, I could not see the face of the person. I was unsettled because I wanted to go meet a particular speaker. I kept hugging the energy until I got out of the house I was inhabiting. The energy shifted; and, now I could see the face of one of my siblings. He smiled and said something nice to me about continuing with my outdoor adventure; then he went back inside.

It was very dark outside. I remembered some of my previous dreams where I went to meet this speaker. Some of these dreams were pretty long; but, I did not always end up seeing him. Nevertheless, I wanted to embark on my quest. “But how will I end up in a different country this time?” I questioned myself. My mind reminded me to spin, which is a technique that stabilizes the dream scene. So I spun; and, I felt very astonished at how fast I could spin. Oh! I was introduced to the spinning technique by one of my dream characters “Dark Giant” when I was a child. “How would I know when to stop spinning?” I asked and soon remembered that going too fast does not lead to desired results. So I slowed down and stopped. Now I was flying through darkness;  and, I could almost see lots of foliage as I dashed through dense matter that felt like trees. I flew and flew while skillfully holding back my fear and anxiety. Soon I decided to slow down again. Now I was in front of a house that had a yellow burned unlit candle on the front porch. I looked at the candle and took it as a sign that this was the speaker’s house. But a part of me nagged, “What if I did not make it again?” My body was charged with energy; so I used my hand to hold the handrail. I was surprised to see that I was able to stop myself from flying further just by touching something. Then I swung up, walked on the stairs, and opened the door. I could now see a portion of the house. Things were not properly lit in my dream because I was stressed when I fell asleep. I could clearly see the stairs that lead upstairs. The stairs were lit. I froze as I looked around and realized that I could not get a glimpse of anything other than the stairs. I did not venture any further. Instead I woke up.


Since I do not fully know what just happened, I will be seeking comfort in the candle. Perhaps he is stuck at home due to Coronavirus outbreak!

According to AuntyFlo’s “Candle Dream Meaning” article, candles that shine in the darkness represent hope. In my dream, the candle was not lit; but it was somehow still shining so I could see it in the dark. So finding this candle means that I will find answers at the end of the quest I have started in real life. This article mentions that burned down candles mean that I have less time left on Earthis this why I could clearly see the size of the candle in my dream. Interestingly, this article shares that the yellow color shows that I will find good fortune and peace while I am still alive. Does this mean that I will find what I am looking for if I connect with this speaker?

I think I will find out as time passes by. Learn from your dreams. Choosing comfort in little things is actually very meaningful.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved. 

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