Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Perform Oil Therapy

Most of us are locked inside our homes due to the Coronavirus outbreak; and, some of us do not have a gym or motivation to exercise inside their home. So what do you do to feel positive enough to engage in exercises indoors and allow blood to run through your body?

This is a lesson you will learn if you have worked with a Physiotherapist. In the clinic, they massage your body with cream/oil and then let you exercise in the gym. The massage allows blood to circulate properly, which improves the mood and movement. After this, exercising is easy. Oh! you might want to change your exercise routine a bit like include stuff like Yoga for Better Sleep or Tai Chi for Weight Loss.

I usually do two different types of massages at home.

Scalp Massage: This is good for your brain and body and not just your hair. I use a combination of Amla oil, Olive oil, and Coconut oil  to protect my hair and scalp. Also, this combination removes headaches pretty well. My headaches literally vanish when I use this particular combo; and, I also sleep very well after this activity.

Body Massage: I massage my back, shoulders, neck, arms, and legs with Coconut oil. Coconut oil is used in some Chiropractic clinics because it relieves pain fast, which is why it is good for tense muscles. My aches vanish and my mood improves after using this oil.

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