Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Repeat Mantras That Appeal To You

Psychotherapists suggest mantras to deal with severe stuff like rape trauma, depression, and anxiety. I love going outdoors so I am very anxious due to the lockout and isolation caused due to Coronavirus. I was having trouble sleeping a bit due to this; so I started repeating Mantras. I usually get very relaxed and sleepy with the help of these mantras. Check out article “52 Mantras for Natural Anxiety Relief“. From this list, my favourite mantras are “My breathing will set me free; just breathe” and “I will release what I cannot change”.

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One thought on “Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Repeat Mantras That Appeal To You

  1. So, all of those forms of media give you perspective that you might not have because you inadvertently will compare yourself. And then the third way to develop self-awareness is actually yourself, a mantra, imagery, meditation, elevated mental and physical awareness. Physiologically, I’m a fair-skinned person. I was a redhead when I was a kid. I’m, sorry, a fake blonde right now. And I can feel my face warming up. And I can feel just physiologically what’s happening with me, whether it’s anxiety or whether it’s impatience or whatever it is. And so I have developed a mantra that I will not share with you, and I will not tweet it out, of what I say to myself when I know that I need to control myself and whatever I’m feeling.


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