I am attracted to some of Carl Jung’s works including “The Red Book”; I am also very much bonded with Carl’s spirit. When I think of Carl, my dreams become more vivid; furthermore, Carl also appears to play dream signals with me. Read some of these dreams by visiting blog post, “Nature Of My Telepathic Connection With Carl Jung“. I have a copy of “The Red Book” , which I read every now and then. Over time, I have learned that Carl Jung’s dreams as well as some of his interests are very similar to mine.

What I find very interesting is that although I do not have much knowledge of his dream characters, I am still able to connect to some extent with a couple of these entities. For instance, when I think of Carl’s favorite dream character, Philemon, I start sensing someone very warm and intelligent entity. I have been pulled to this entity a couple of times, which is why yesterday I investigated about Philemon a bit. I found out that Philemon presented deep insight to Carl, which is why Carl thought of him as a guru (Pg. 201, The Red Book). Carl further identifies that Philemon evolved from Elijah—a biblical figure from The New Testament—who was also one of his dream figures. Another interpretation of Philemon is that this figure is based on Carl’s dad. This interpretation is based on the fact that Philemon had kingfisher’s wings.

Jung’s father was a lame king-fisher. Philemon was lame and had “king-fisher” wings. Source: “Spiritualism and the Foundations of C. G. Jung’s Psychology

Whatever the correct interpretation is, Carl Jung gained substantial amount of knowledge from his dream character Philemon. In addition, Carl Jung described “big dreams” as dreams that tie into something bigger like war in Europe (Pg. 202, “The Red Book”).

I reviewed both of these lessons yesterday; and, then I thought about some of my dreams. Pretty soon, I realized that I had two dream characters who brought other dream characters in my life; these figures as well as the people they have brought in my dreams are mentioned in the blog post, “Dance Of Heroes”. Then there are some of my family members and a close friend who have also played critical roles in giving me “big dreams” (historical dreams). I call these major dream characters “Progenitor dream characters” because they brought other key dream figures to me; they easily stayed inside my mind and became stronger over time; and, some very significant events are linked to them. So far only one of the dream characters who was brought in this game by a Progenitor dream character has transformed into a Progenitor dream figure.

Below are some historical dreams—Carl calls such dreams “big dreams”—that are linked to some of my “Progenitor dream characters”:

Hurricane Dorian

I Predicted The Coming of Hurricane Dorian

Flood Warning: Residential Areas of Canada Or Elsewhere In The World

Threats of Civil War and Hate Crimes During the Reign of Trump

Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years

Coronavirus Outbreak

Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years

Time Portals Open According To Your Decisions And Intentions

Lucid Dream: The Three Skeletons and The Airport

Prediction Within A Prediction: Use Of Mind’s Peripheral Vision

My Visit To The Parliament of World’s Religions and Meeting With Dr. Craig Considine

Dreams Of “Breaking Bread Together” With Friends

Dream Actualization: “Breaking Bread” With Friends

Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year

Pakistan’s Attempt to Harass Peace Activist Dr. Craig Considine

Should Pakistan Be Allowed To Harass Peace Activists?

Rise of Gangs in America and Ireland

I Came Across An Irish Gang Today

Connecting With CJ Werleman

My Psychic Images of CJ Werleman

Visions of Occupied Jammu & Kashmir

How To Get Out Of Nightmares

My Vision of Torture of Kashmiris by Indians

Vision of Citizens Who Were Wearing Shalwar Qameez Being Abused By Cops

What Modi is Teaching the Students of Some Indian Universities

Bodyguarding: Using Video Game Mode To Figure Things Out About India

Eventual Closure of Amnesty International (Symbolic Dream)

Bodyguarding: Using Video Game Mode To Figure Things Out About India

Another Interpretation of above dream (same from heading “What Modi is Teaching the Students of Some Indian Universities): Another Dream Symbol Came True: Amnesty International and India

Abuse of Journalists as it Takes Place in America

Watch Out! Journalists Around the Globe Are In Extreme Danger

Another Lucid Dream Came True: US Is Dangerous For Journalists

“The Hole” of New York, America

Lucid Dream: The Three Skeletons and The Airport

Importance of the Bond Between Christians and Muslims

Dark Giant Answers: Muslims and Christians are One Brotherhood

Sinking of South Korean Ferry “MV Sewol”

My Dream About the Sinking of the South Korean Ferry “MV Sewol”

Importance of Women as Peacebuilders

Lucid Dreams suggest that women should be leaders in peacebuilding

An Evolved Dream Character Helped Me Protect A Woman from Cyberbullying

Dream Characters that Appear Suddenly to Warn

Repeat Dreams Helped Me Protect A Woman From Being Abused

Knight Of The Flying Carpet

Stabbing Incidence That Took Place At A Rabbi’s Home In Monsey, New York

Nightmares or Realities: Triggered By The Stabbing Incidence That Took Place At A Rabbi’s Home In Monsey, New York During Hanukkah Celebration

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