One of my uncles was a Medical genius. He loved his work; and, he routinely took care of his patients. I used to take care of him whenever I was near him. He loved getting scalp and foot massages from me. I could read him very easily because his brain used to release some sort of tune that I could sense through my mind. I used to spend an hour or more working on his scalp and tired feet. He eventually died due to a heart attack, which he had while he was on the job—he lived with a health issue throughout his life. He died after I left his country Pakistan to move to Canada—perhaps, he died because I was not there to properly take care of him. We considered him a martyr (shaheed) because he died while protecting his patients.

I like the fact that I played a critical role in maintaining his health. I was a teenager back then. I just used my sixth sense to tune into his need for massage and reacted every time he needed it. Later, when I became experienced enough to understand my extrasensory experiences, I researched things and found out that the massages were not just lowering his stress—I already knew this when I was a teenager—but also improving his heart health. Read articles “5 Remarkable Benefits of Scalp Massage” and “18 Health Benefits of Foot Massage, According to Science”.

I shook like a leaf when I heard of his untimely death. After many days of grieving, I finally regained my senses. It still hurts a lot thinking about him since my connection with him is very deep. Uncle used to tell me that I had the magic touch and that he felt very relaxed after I was finished taking care of him. Now I know that he was right! I am really lucid, which helps me heal myself and others. Read “Lucid Wind and Healing“. I had an interesting vision when I thought about him while I had fallen asleep. I saw a weird energy coming out from somewhere; and, then my dream started, which I later found was a precognitive dream. Another time, I saw his dream character just before a relative gave me an important gift. I think his energy played a critical role in my development.

I wrote this blog post because I was reflecting about the harsh realities offered by COVID-19—I created the menu item “COVID-19″ to help people deal with this outbreak. I am hoping that people will attempt to improve their bonds with each other after reading this story.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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