I had an intriguing dream several months ago. In this dream, I was near a waterbody that was situated next to an American publisher’s office. The night was dark and chilly; and, some important textbooks had fallen in the water. I saw them and jumped into the chaotic waterbody. I did not knew whether I would be able to save these books or not. However, I swam artfully and found the books. I knew I had saved the day!

Just some while ago, I was contacted by a writer to work on some of her writings. At that time, I had a medical condition that was preventing me from working too hardthis reminds me of the fact that I actually swam during my dream to complete a similar task, which is weird since I really do not know how to swim. Anyways, I ended up finishing her tasks and sending them to an American publisher.

I have been thinking about what’s going on. I think I got this dream because 1) I am supposed to perform this role over and over again; and 2) There was an actual future event or perhaps more events that tie into this storyline.

Father of Modern Analytical Psychology, Carl Jung, used to receive similar dream signals. For instance, he dreamt about whether to choose Sciences or not. He chose to study Psychology because his dream directed him to do so. This is how he ended up becoming a legend.

I believe my spirit guides are actually pointing to a path I must keep on taking.

grayscale photo of woman
Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Pexels.com

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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