Once when I was studying at the university, I had to run towards a bus at a bus station. I was wearing a long skirt, the one that reaches all the way down (I have never exposed my legs in public). I was still able to run in the skirt properly! So I almost made it to the bus; but it started moving away. I waved my hand for the driver to see; then suddenly I fell down due to a bump or puddle on the road. Now, I was a bit knocked out so I could not move. The bus moved and one of its wheels merely grazed me. I could feel the large and heavy structure of the bus near me but my head was turned away. I could just sense that the wheel was touching my body. I was like, “Oh My God! Is the bus going to go over me now. Am I going to die?” Luckily, the bus just turned in a different direction; and, I was left alive. I slowly came back to my senses and was able to move and look around. The road was empty. I was not in any danger. I stood up and walked away from the road towards the bus station where I was safe. Did you see what happened? All this was not in my control! I could not even stand up and run away. This was all in God’s control. I am still very surprised that my skirt did not get stuck under the bus and that I did not get dragged away or get crushed under the bus.

Some years ago, I got very sick and could not get back to my functional routine for some while. I prayed for myself while I was stuck in my bed. God gave me a gift as I faced this ordeal. God increased the mass on my legs! When I finally became strong enough to be somewhat functional, I started getting edema on my feet because my feet could not properly support the new muscle mass. I fought back and soon the edema vanished. My legs got stronger and stronger as I walked routinely. And, one day, I was able to run again. I cannot describe how happy I felt when I ran that day. I was running at a new speed as my heart and brain struggled to keep up. My modified legs were letting me run so fast that I felt like Hercules. My head and heart could not keep up; thus, I struggled hard to understand this massive change. I fell in love with my new legs that day so I decided not to change them. Today, I think that these were gifted to me by God so that I may start learning self defense again—I have one year of training in Karate and Taekwando so far. So this is the result of another one of my prayers that got accepted—I call such special prayers Silver Bullet. Read Silver Bullet: My Prayers are in Multiple Dimensions.

Note how both situations were out of my control and how God added control back in my life. God is definitely watching over me! Read Something Watches Over Her.


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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