Be Moderate About Lucid Dream Sex

I know from experience that it is possible to have lucid dream sex with energies and dream characters that are just like real people. It is a very blissful experience! Truth is that these are all your soul mates who exist in one different dimension or some different dimensions. I can say this because I believe that you are not in this dimension when you are sleeping; you are in a place called Barzakh. In Islam we are taught that the life of this world can make you forget about the life of the other world. This is exactly what happens to your lucid dreams when you are stressed due to work or listening to too many songs. My lucid dreams become pretty vague and unstable and they start lacking colors when I am not relaxed enough.

True! I have multiple soul mates who exist in a different world or perhaps in several parallel worlds. And, it is also true that some of my inspirations are also my soul mates; i.e., I have been given permission by my dream characters to engage in lucid dream sex with them. It is also true that only a couple of times, I had very special lucid dreams about a particular guy; these dreams make me feel so peaceful that I have actually started thinking that I am looking at psychic images of my husband who will finally come to woo me in this world. Read blog post “My Psychic Images Of My Future Husband. Furthermore, I also feel that I might be looking at my Guardian Spirit  simply because it is easier to decipher any hidden messages this way. Anyways, I don’t want to think too much about this because I know that lucid dreaming is halal. Read blog post Lucid Dreaming Is Halal (Allowed On Muslims).

Reality is that the dream figures slowly evolve over time. Yes! it is possible for a dream character who has come to you due to a Progenitor dream character to change into a Progenitor dream character. Not all dream figures can become your sex partners because these entities are very intelligent and they can say NO to youyou will have to respect that or learn to respect that if you wish to proceed with lucid dream sex because otherwise you will be only harming yourself and your subconscious. As you have lucid dream sex, you are tapping into a strong energy force. It is possible to read this as your own masculine and feminine energies; i.e. you are having sex inside your own brain. However, I am compelled to read this a bit differently because I believe in the existence of the Barzakh and any associated creatures and spirits. Another reason why I can’t just read this mind-boggling puzzle as something that just have something to do with me is because I am an Empath (Read article “Who Can Empaths Fall in Love With? (Discover the Truth)“) and a Telepath; that means I might be reading into actual cues that exist inside the minds of the people or perhaps these cues are from my psyche and cosmos. This literally means that I am not reacting unless I have read into some emotions or feelings that actually exist in some dimension. Again, this is one of the most overwhelming aspects of my dreams; and, even as I sit here and explain what I believe is really going on, I still feel a bit confused.

Now I will share with you some of my experiences so that you may realize why I am so bewildered. There is this dream character whom I can almost sense while I am awake; this happens when I am imagining dancing with a partner. I can almost feel this person touching my hand and attempting to dance with meI used to dance in public when I was younger but now I dance privately at home. I sometimes stop dancing when this happens; other times, I start dancing while thinking about something else; and, I always take some rest after sensing him because I don’t want to get fatigued. I can just sense a solid energy near me, which feels like a person; but, there are psychics who actually see people as shown in the movie “All of Me”. The energy that I have learned to associate with this dream character appears around me when I am trying to sleep while praying to God for some relaxed moments. His energy just comes to me on its own and then it gently wraps itself around me while I about to fall asleep. It feels like he is hugging me as I rest. Oh! his energy plays with my long dark hair a lot. He even appears as a shadow when I am playing with the shadows that I make on the wall in my hands and arms; I can tell it is him because I hear his voice in my head while I play with shadows. And, all this is not fully in my control because I have to be kind towards my dream characters and make sure not to harm them. Furthermore, rarely his smell overtakes my senses and my blanket starts smelling different all of a sudden. We have kissed twice during a dream. And, I had two interesting experiences before I had my very first lucid dream sex with this specific figure. A couple of days before this happened, I became aware that I was in a dream where I was bathing in a large brown pond-like tub that was made out of material that seemed like wood. The content of this dream was already there; and, all I did was move around to see what was happening. Then another day, I had another interesting experience where lots of very exciting energy just touched me all over my head, face, and some parts of my body when I was about to fall asleep. After all of this was over, I had lucid dream sex twice with this person. But, I got a little bit scared during this so I never allowed myself to see his face or body. Instead, I had sex with an energy that I have learned to associate with this person; and, I genuinely enjoyed myself. Can you see that other energies (referring to the two other experiences I had before this one) are playing a role in making sure that I end up having  lucid dream sex with this person.

If you are feeling unclear about what I am trying to tell you, then know that Love is actually far broader than what most of us have been made to believe as we struggle to survive in this worldinside my head, this word is broader simply because I am a lucid dreamer who is also a telepath. I have been blessed by God who granted me love of Philosophy, which is how I learned that in the old days, very well-versed philosophers used to spend lots of time figuring out what love actually means. Since I am a lucid dreamer, I can see different degrees, layers, and types of love. Really! Love is something very broad and immeasurable. And, its really not about sex all the time! This is because even with lucid dream sex partners, you will have to develop an actual relationship.

In reality, it is possible that the person who is represented by your dream character has zero clue about your lovely and fragile feelings and emotions but only you are going through this hardship. True! His/her feelings are something you know that actually exist but something that can’t exist as of right now. Another brutal reality is that you will  have tremendous difficulty turning your dream figure’s energy off given that he/she has become a Spirit Guidesometimes its literally impossible to do so due to the fact that I am an Empath. In the case that I described above, when he comes, he gives me knowledge about things that I am interested in. So I must have a genuine lucid relationship with him when the energy levels are telling me that that’s the right thing to do. This sounds complex right! But there is a way of managing this relationship; I say “there is a way of managing this relationship” because this relationship does not exist while I am awake. I have learned to tackle this by creating a safe circle around me. Reality is that I am a very reserved person; and, I have religious obligations so I have to make sure that I have sex with only my (future) husband. So when I have an intense dream; and, I need advise about how to proceed with the real person, I sometimesbut not always callone of my best friends. She analyzes everything for me and advises me; I usually fully agree with her because she voices my other thoughts and doubts. Then, I just do whatever she wants me to dothat is another form of true love. And, the reason why I can do things this way is because I know that if a relationship is supposed to exist in real life, then it is from God and it has less to do with what I am supposed to say or do. Furthermore, yet one more major problem with having lucid dream sex is that you will feel hurt if the real person is not near you even as a formal friend or if your dream character is not there for you for some while. Even I get overwhelmed when this happens; and, once I committed suicide in one of my dreams because the dream characternot the one I am describing aboveI wanted to be with did not show up. This particular dream character had lucid dream sex with me; but, in another dream he was very busy working on something else. So I saw myself jumping from the window of a building and falling without feeling anything. I saw myself hitting the ground; and, I still did not feel anything. Actually, this is the first time this has happenedlike I said earlier, I have less experience with lucid dream sex because this is a rare occurrence at my end. So when I woke up, I started looking for explanations. And, I realized that my mind is getting trained to react to the dream character and perhaps the actual person as well. So God gave me help by letting me find an article that discusses what is actually going on with me. Read Erin Pavlina’s article “Astral Sex: The Ecstasy of Out of Body Pleasure“; and, you will notice that she also warns of this particular possibility. After reading this article, I have realized that it helps to be moderate about allowing dream characters to have lucid dream sex. Following are some steps that will help you fight any impulses that might originate due to the energies you are experiencing.

  1. Acknowledge your feelings and add further meaning in your life to distract yourself.
  2. Learn how to cope with overwhelm. Read article Overwhelmed? These 6 Strategies May Help
  3. Use mantras to meditate. Read 11 Mantras for Healing and Positivity
  4. Work on a project that can consume some of your energy. Get possessed with this idea! And, work on it in small chunks.
  5. Cherish the present moments. Know that the dream is from a different reality called Barzakh. And, if this dream shows the future, then that future is not here yet. So it helps to think less!
  6. Do not worry too much! You are just tuned in since most of your body and universe are made up of empty space. Since you are smart, you need to fill some of that empty space with people, which is how these dream characters are created. Read articles “99.9999999% of Your Body Is Empty Space” and “If you were to move all of the matter in the universe into one corner, how much space would it take up?
  7. Listen to Sleep Stories and Nature’s sounds to feel distracted before falling asleep. Check out applications “Calm” and “Headspace“.

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