I Focused On Learning Sales After Interacting With A Dream Character

I have been reading “The Mantle” for some while; and, obviously I was thinking of some male and female writers when I fell asleepI think they are like journalists owing to the nature of their work. Then, I had the funniest dream about the founder of The Mantle, Shaun Randol, whom I never met before in my life. It felt so interesting that I am still wondering about all of this. Source: Use of A Specific Visualization Technique Created Dream “He Loves To Chat!”

During this dream, Shaun somehow made me observe the lovely paintings that were hung on the walls. Thus, I paid lots of attention to the paintings and also talked to him.

In 2019, I focused on studying Sales. I feel that this dream inspired me to study Sales in detail. Dream characters are incredibly intelligent beings who change the dreamer in a lucid training ground. You must gradually learn how to interact with your dream characters. They can teach you new things and motivate you to do something creative in real life.

Below are some helpful videos about dream characters:

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