Changes I Have Made In My Life To Handle COVID-19

Living in a lockout is very taxing for me because I derive a lot of my warmth from people. Before the lockout, staying indoors all the time was a complete “NO”! So I have made some creative adjustments for myself.

  1. I attend live events where I get a chance to interact with people.
  2. I have bought a Guitar; and, I intend to learn it soon.
  3. I draw and color my drawings; this helps me relax.
  4. I sleep well by listening to sleep sounds like sounds of a purring cat or rain. These are available through YouTube and an application called Calm.
  5. I recite mantras to calm myself and feel back in control.
  6. I have started praying again, which was a habit that actually took a big hit after I was raped.
  7. I am working on a brand new creative project, which requires a lot of commitment. I have started organizing the entire thing. Its going to take lots of thinking and strategizing before it is implemented. Then I will be able to surprise my fans with a brand new Patreon account or something similar to it! Yaaay!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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