My Dream About the Sinking of the South Korean Ferry “MV Sewol”

Somewhere around year 2013, I had a queer dream. I now believe that it was actually a historic dream! I am posting this in 2020 because I receive lots of dreams. Some are historic dreams; others give me insight about the future as it concerns me or my loved ones; and, yet others offer me creative content for writing, poetry, and drawing.

Anyways, here is the dream about a sinking boat. Through this dream, I witnessed a gigantic ship get wrecked and eventually sink. I was on the ship along with everyone else as it slowly sank in the depths of water and everyone cried for help. Some people, mostly young ones, started gathering around me and asking for help. I tried opening my mouth to give them directions but no voice would escape my lips no matter how hard I tried to talk. I felt scared so I struggled to talk. But nothing came out of me no matter how hard I tried. Slowly, the ship started sinking and everything turned dark. I felt intense fear as everything around me gradually turned dark.

Around this time, I was thinking about a South Korean friend of mine who was an International student studying in Canada; I wrote about her later in 2018. She was one of my best friend. She became homeless while she was studying at a Canadian university; I believe this has lots to do with how Canada mistreats International/foreign students. Read the full story, “Canadian International Students Face Danger”.

I did some research about this dream. I found out that a South Korean ferry named MV Sewol that carried younger people like students actually sank in 2014. Read article “South Korea ferry: Messages from a sinking ship“.

Out of 476 passengers and crew, 304 died in the disaster, most notably around 250 students from Danwon High School. Source: “Sinking of MV Sewol“; Wikipedia

The image below shows the very first description of this dream that I made public in 2013. Notice the copyright date at the end is 2013. I unpublished this blog because I was working on my new blog; but, I still have all the content and dates saved. The sinking of the ferry took place in 2014. Wow! So my attachment to this South Korean student helped me get this dream. You should read her story here; and, you will notice how much pain and love is involved in this interaction.


The above image shows the URL to the About Me page of my older blog. And the image below shows the Analytics for the About Me page; note the first dot of the graph starts in year 2013.

I feel that God has a direct hand in creating my dreams. God can see what I feel and experience when I interact with others; God can see my compassion and genuine nature. This is why God is giving me historic lucid dreams! I had a shock due to what happened to my South Korean friend (she was not on this ship though but her story is occurring around the same time), which is why God gave me this dream so I may have an important memory to build upon and thus a reason to move forward in my life. I think God’s message is that sometimes even the most incredible people fail at protecting someone and that this is part of our world nowadays. I strongly feel that angels are involved in sending these messages simply because I know really less lucid dreaming techniques. I read in Islamic text and found out that angels did arrive at the time of the war of Badr; read article “The Miracle of Angels in the Battle of Badr“. Its a war at my end too! Non-White people are being ignored while we are in Canada; and, I know that outside of Canada the same “beggars” are very well-respected and integrated.

Lucid Dreaming is an indication of incredible intellect; and, I am somehow doing all this while possessing knowledge of really less lucid dreaming techniques, which is why I feel that God is helping me do this. If a racist or a woman-hater is reading this and he/she still feels that non-White people should be ignored, then please know that I am a non-White woman and that people like me have created history!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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