Was That Just Another Walk Or Something Else?

I have written before about how I receive repeat dreams about a specific man and how I have come to believe that these are signals from my future husband. Read blog post, “My Psychic Images Of My Future Husband” and “The Date That Almost Blew My Cover!“. The male dream character from these dreams is actually based on a real guy. Please note that the dream characters can sometimes get displaced to convey a message. It is possible that the man I see in these dreams is my future husband; and, it is also possible that someone who is related to or similar to this man is my future husband. Also note that I am still unwed; and, I don’t have anyone particular on my mind. This is why these dreams are a real treat! Lastly, note another peculiarity! Eid was declared today in my area; the dream took place today as well; and, it occurred during the day since I slept in.

In today’s dream, I was outside a place that felt like a historic building of some sort; I can say its a historic building although I did not see it because the buildings found in its surrounding area carried the magnificence of the old era of Kings and Sultans. A lot of people were around doing routine activities like walking or biking. I was standing next to him chatting with him; finally, I took his arm and started walking with him as we moved away from the building that was behind us. I told him something exciting about Politics to impress him and he said something intriguing back about this particular place. It was apparent to me that he was trying to impress me as well. He also said something private to me; this baffled me at the time I heard it because a part of me was awake during the dream and that part was telling me that he should not be talking in such a frank manner. This made me wonder who he really is to me when I woke up!

So the dream continued! I felt drawn to him since his body seemed too real and warm⁠—I am an ENFP Empath so I get attracted towards people, which is one reason why I see people during my dreams. A beautiful scenery awaited us as we stood on the pavement and discussed which way to go. I pointed to an old building to the right, which stood in the middle of a large park. This building looked ugly like a button; from where we stood, we could see it like a semi-circle that stubbornly protruded outwards and whose dull brownish-grey color reminded people of the past. He smiled at my choice; and, then he pointed in the opposite direction. Many kilometers away from this brownish-grey button-like building, there was another much grander building. This brown building looked like a button that is shaped like a flower since a couple of its round sections extended outwards. My eager eyes scanned the enormous parks that were in front of us as I felt a thrill while watching people who inhabited these parks. I agreed with this man that we should walk towards the building that he chose. So we walked and eventually got there. Inside, there was a huge bed-like thing made out of bricks or stones. There were curtains around this place. He smiled and  lifted the curtains! I felt very surprised because two babies were sitting in there. I got pretty shocked when I saw these babies; and, I felt that this man was very important to me! I felt too shy; and, the awake part of me got a bit scared of and excited about this reality. Thus, I finally woke up.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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