Galvan and Inaya – Part 2

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Galvan enjoys Inaya’s touch and starts feeling sleepy. He just realizes how tired he has felt ever since he arrived at this new planet. Some of his powers had drained; he still remembered screaming with pain when the Sand Fairies ripped off one of his wings; and, thanks to Theo his second and last wing was also gone. Disaster impacts the strong ones slowly; and, love changes things swiftly. Galvan feels like crying but instead he just falls asleep. Inaya feels distracted the second she finds out that the horse had fallen asleep. Feeling sad and rejected, she quietly walks away and dejectedly spends the rest of her ordinary day.

So you must have wondered who Theo and Galvan really are? Well! Theo is the son of a very powerful and wise Storyteller Spirit King who lives on the Moon. Theo had just become an adult when he arrived at the Earth; he was only 102 years old at that time and like the rest his maturation phase took place as soon as he turned 102. You see average life of a Storyteller Spirit is 300 years; and, they are considered to be adults when they turn 102 years old. They don’t age like humans. At age 102, Storyteller Spirits go through some sort of rapid growth phase where their young bodies and souls transform into older versions. This growth phase has a clear 30 day hibernation phase during which several changes occur to the body and soul of a Storyteller Spiritits like a dull caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly. Unfortunately for Theo, this critical maturation phase took place when he was trapped in the vortex and was being hurtled towards the Earth.

Some years ago, before Theo’s descent on Earth, certain unexpected events developed that carved this eventual fate. On his 100th birthday, Theo feasted and feasted; sang and danced; and bathed and bathed. This day, he was extremely excited because his father had gifted him his own palace. This palace was special because it was right next to a large forest, The Ancient Forest of Acacimosa, which was known for a structure, perhaps a well or a tree, that connected the Light and Dark realms. You see, several years ago, the Moon used to be one unified place where only Storyteller Spirits ruled. Then a historic feud took place and the spirits of this world separated into the Light and Dark Ones. The Light Ones inhabited regions found on the surface of the Moon; the Dark Ones took refuge in the depths of the Moon, several layers below the surface. Over years, their bodies changed as they evolved to adapt to the needs of their regions. Over time, their memories faded away and they remembered less and less about each other. They were now fully divided and forever doomed to separate areas of the Moon. Due to this history, some of the Light and Dark Storyteller Spirits were fascinated by each other; but, most of them hated each other enough to feel compelled to stay away from and shun each other.

So on this fateful day, Theo bathed and bathed! His ongoing excitement changed his form temporarily, which usually happens under certain circumstances when one is nearing adulthood. In this new form, he was heavier, larger, more magical, and wiser than before. But, he was still a child; and, this was his first transformation. He quickly adapted to this change and examined his dragon-like figure, which was being reflected by the water. He did not realize what this change meant at all; so feeling lost and mesmerized, he kept bathing and bathing. This was just an innocent gesture from this child! But, in doing so, Theo messed up!

Unknown to him and the guards and occupants of his palace, a lot of water sprinkled and fell outside from the windows. This water moved through the Moon’s surface as it slowly got absorbed. It dripped and dripped until it reached near the core of the Moon, which is part of the Dark Realm. Here lived Princess Renirien, daughter of King Delgarandir who ruled the Kingdom of Anova. Renirien was a very powerful Dark one although she was still a child. One day she found out that lots of water was dripping into one of her ponds. She went near the pond and looked up to see where the water was coming from. The water trickled on her face and some of the water went in her mouth. This water was filled with Theo’s magical essence. Thus, she was able to sense Theo and see some of his memories. She felt tempted by his beautiful essence and filled a cup with this water. She drank the water with the intention to make it a part of herself. Pretty soon, she felt happier and lighter in a way that she had not experienced before. Thus, she collected all the water that dripped into her place and drank it over several days. Over time, she found out that Theo’s memories somehow eased her mind and soul. As she drank more water, more of Theo’s memories became part of her; she could now almost see Theo and was fully drawn to his soul. You see, Renirien was not a dark soul; but, like the rest of her kind, she was referred to as a Dark Storyteller Spirit since she lived under the surface. When all of this water ended, Renirien started feeling lost and scared. Now she could not read into the rest of his memories. She strongly felt that she needed to be next to him and make him her closest friend. She was almost 102 years old, a young child who was soon to mature into an adult; her growth phase was just a couple of days away. On that day, she was supposed to dress up for this ceremony; and, then hibernate inside a sand pyramid for 30 days.

However, owing to her circumstances, Renirien failed to attend the event where she was supposed to select her ceremonial dress. Her family members noticed that she was absent and felt worried enough to send her oldest brother, Prince Adonis to talk to her. Adonis was Renirien’s favourite sibling—she had a total of seven. During their hearty conversation, he found out that she was in love with someone whose essence she had drunk. Initially, he laughed at her and thought that she was just deluded. However, to please her, he summoned the truth of this story through his powerful magic, the type Renirien was not versed in because she was too young. Thus, he found out that Renirien was in fact in love with Theo, a Light One who is the son of LoreMaster Omar, King of one of Moon’s most magnificent kingdoms, Kingdom of Adingran Solonin. Adonis loved her dearly, so he felt very concerned about her. He thought that she needed to stay dedicated to her rapid growth phase or else this phase would be postponed by another two years and her life span would get halved. Adonis realized that he had to think and react fast in order to prevent this calamity. So he promised her that he will gift Theo to her after her maturation. At this, Renirien laughed heartily since her brother had never broken a promise. Since she was in love with Theo, she asked Adonis to postpone this plan by 2 years so that Theo would be an adult by the time he would be taken away—you know she had drunk that peculiar water so she now knew his age. Another part of her wondered if Theo would be able to adapt to this new environment and if he would need magical potions to transform properly. She thought of all this as an exciting adventure and decided to experiment with this idea. Also, she promised herself that she would return him back to his world in case things did not work out the way she intended them to work out. You see the Storyteller Spirits could live in the foreign world for a limited time; but, their evolved bodies and minds cannot allow them to live in the opposite realm forever. Feeling safe due to her brother’s promise, Renirien decided to enter the ceremony for her maturation.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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