I Know That God Is Watching Over Me!

I have always been able to have lucid dreams; but, I did not knew many techniques. Thus, I used to become lucid and then I used to totally ignore this since I did not knew how to make this state come back. Furthermore, I am telepathic so choosing techniques that actually work for me is challenging. Stiff or strict techniques can actually close my mind instead of opening it. I started documenting my lucid dreams very seriously around year 2012. This blog has only 230 posts about lucid dreams; only some of these are actual dreams. I have saved all my dreamsmost of these are still unpublished. At the time I started having lots of dreams, my mind did not allow me to think twice. I just knew I had to record everything. I was literally possessed for some years! The whole experience was like being blinded!

Then COVID-19 arrived! The lockout in Canada started in 2020. This is when I really had time to ponder about all of this in detail and slowly! More I considered what was going on, more I realized that God was playing a role in ensuring that I received and documented these lucid dreams. For example, I had some historic dreams and I had also been able to enter deep lucid dreaming state very easily. It puzzled me to see that I could do all this by using very simple techniques! My best techniques include drawing, daydreaming, meditating, praying, using sleep postures (the ones that are easy on my body and brain), eating vitamins, and altering my diet. But, my very first set of dreams that compelled me to record the rest of the dreams actually occurred on their own and without me being aware of what was going on—I learned all these techniques after receiving the original set of dreams. This is why I feel compelled to believe that God is actually guiding me to do this.

Now check out the video “7 Businesses That Will Boom After This Pandemic” by After School Africa. Notice how this vid mention Online Education and E-Commerce, which is where my dreams are taking me. Subhanallah (God is Perfect)!

Given all the above, I am now considering opening a small business in the virtual setting. I do not prefer doing work online since I am an ENFP Empath. Being around people matters a lot to me! But, now I have to do this. And, I feel it is the right thing to do given everything that is going on around us.

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