How North American Cops End Up Harming Those They Declared To Protect

I have watched a lot of online videos of North American cops wreaking havoc on armed or unarmed individuals. Over time, it has become very easy for me to state that these cops are not trained at all and that they should not be given the authority to rule like this. All this is happening due to a broken system.

Let us start with my country Canada. From personal experiences, I have found out that Canada is an extremely racist country although some Canadian leaders and citizens pretend to be loving and pro for multiculturalism; this mentality is displayed almost everywhere including academic institutes and corporate. For example, in Canada Black people are more likely to be harmed or injured by the cops. Read Molly Hayes’ article, Black people more likely to be injured or killed by Toronto Police officers, report finds. Additionally, there are also many stories where some Canadian cops ended up injuring the disabled, which tells me that they are simply not trained to handle whatever their job requires. Read CTV’s article Toronto officers guilty in assault of disabled man. 

Now let us think about what is going on in United States. Let’s analyze the murder of George Flyod. In the video shown in article “The death of George Floyd: What video and other records show about his final minutes” (written by Dalton Bennett, Joyce Lee and Sarah Cahlan), we see a White cop placed his knee on Flyod’s neck; according to the aforementioned article, he did this for more than 8 minutes. In this video we see that Flyod complained that he was having trouble breathing; but, the cop did not react by removing his knee. Now let me show you what really is going on here and how exactly Flyod was murdered!

I have around one year of training in Taekwando and Karate, which is why I keep some martial arts training material at home. I have been learning pressure points on my own as well since some of these are critical to flee from a life-threatening situation. I love studying Master Erle Montaigue who has several years of training in Dim Mak (Death-Point Striking). There are a couple of significant pressure points found on the neck; and, two of these pressure points S9 and S10 are very dangerous. See Grand Master Art Mason’s article Pressure Point Stomach 9-10.

Here is a quote by Erle Montaigue about St 9 pressure point. Check out the expression “death strike”!

“This combination of St 9 and Pc 6 is devastating—it is a death strike. So please do not allow your strike to come anywhere near your partner. The first move drains (referring to attack on Pc 6 while the next one stops the heart (referring to attack on St 9).” Pg. 67–68; Dim Mak (Death-Point Striking) by Erle Montaigue.

Now check out this video “Pressure Point Knockout – Neck Points” by YouTube user practicaltaekwando. You will notice that a more experienced martial artist is attacking two White Belts at the same time while someone is standing at their back. No! They are not trying to intimidate these young ones! They are actually trying to protect them. The pressure points that are found on the neck are so lethal that even the most experienced martial artists do not press these alone; this is because in case they ended up pressing these a bit hard, the other senior guys/gals (who are standing nearby or behind those who are learning) will know which pressure points to press if someone needs to be relieved immediately. In this video you will see that one man (dressed in Black Gi) hits the neck and upper back of one of the guys who fell down; he is most likely pressing a relevant pressure point to undo what was done.

Apparently, the cop who killed Floyd does not possess this knowledge although he feels that he is allowed to press these critical pressure points. How is this guy being trained? What exactly is in that training material?

OK! Now I am going to take you to another graphic scene. CJ Werleman, a credible American journalist, shared this tweet on his Twitter account.  Here we see that a cop pushed an old man who could not keep his balance; and, thus he fell and bled a lot. This incidence is also discussed in The Jerusalum Post’s article “Criminal probe launched of police seen shoving man in Buffalo“. Anyone who has lived with an elderly or is a professional caregiver of the elderly (like year 1 Nursing students) know that Falls are the leading cause of death among the elderly. Read articles “Fall-related deaths among older adults in British Columbia: cause and effect of policy change” and “Falls Prevention Facts“. It is easy for me to see that when he pushed this old man he did not realize what exactly he did!

As I stated above, it is VERY CLEAR to see that these cops do not know what they are doing. In my opinion, there are three things that are wrong with the North American system: 1) The cops are being taught that use of brute force is okay; 2) The cops are armed; and, 3) They have really less training.

If you have any doubts about how common it is for the North American police to use force even against unarmed civilians, then check out relevant YouTube videos. And, obviously these videos will show you that the North American police force is heavily armed. Now let us dig deeper into point 3, “They have really less training”. According to Olivia Goldhill’s article “How do police handle violence in countries where officers don’t carry guns?“, American cops are trained for around 19 weeks; according to Wilfrid Laurier University’s article “How to Become a Police Officer in Toronto“, it takes 24 weeks of training to become sworn as a police officer. Olivia Goldhill also notes that in Norway it takes three years of training before the police officers are considered qualified.

So now you can see why these guys/gals behave like illiterate janitors who have just been assigned a management job without being offered proper training. Of course! they are going to keep on using very primitive ways of ensuring “safety” of citizens.

Over years, I have watched in horror as many Canadians left their jobs since they believed that that was the only proper way of dealing with an abusive employer. This is especially true for the minority women; read United Nation’s stand on Canada’s treatment of minority women. Canada is losing money this way since the companies are spending lots of cash to train those they end up abusing. These people are not afraid of walking away alone or in a group setting even if that means starving oneself. This is how they leave the deserted companies in huge turmoil! And, this is exactly what’s going on with the American government as well. More use of force means less people are going to follow since humans are born to be free. 

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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