I Dreamt Of A Dolphin Today

I dreamt of a dolphin today! I have gone under the ocean twice before during my dreams. In one dream, I hunted some sort of treasure that was under the water; and, in the second one, I watched someone swim in order to learn swimming. These were very  fascinating experiences. Today, I dreamt of being right next to a dolphin. And, I got so scared for some reason!

The dream started with my spinning in space and attempting to figure out what’s next. My thoughts were scattered today. I wanted to go see a speaker; but, I got distracted by other things that I have somehow associated with this amazing person. I knew this person likes being near the water bodies. So I started thinking about the ocean and what’s under the ocean. Pretty soon, I was under the ocean. Then I was next to a real dolphin who got very near me. I got scared for some unknown reason though! Perhaps, I thought this thing was just going to eat me. So I started listening to my inner voice; and, the voice said, “I am not afraid; I am afraid of God”. I repeated this so many times that my energy levels altered; and, I eventually woke up. Repeating a mantra or a prayer during your dream is actually a way of controlling dreams that might unsettle you for some reason.

I have been laughing at myself a bit due to this dream since I have never seen Dolphins in real life and I didn’t knew until right now why I was screaming in my sleep! Perhaps, I need to see Dolphins in real life and overcome this particular fear. However, I know that this fear is tied to reality. I am pretty vulnerable (my weakest part are my slim arms, which I can’t properly use to defend myself; I study martial arts so I have learned to rely on my stronger legs). I believe this dream is actually telling me that if a Dolphin attacks me, then it would be difficult for me to get away. Truth is that when a fear voices itself during a dream or even real life, you should pay attention to it. Read “Evidence Puts Dolphins In New Light, As Killers” and “10-year-old attacked by dolphins: the dangers of wild animal interactions“.

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