A Visit To Space

Once during my lucid dream, I heard this really odd sound. I first thought that I was imagining being close to a real train that was moving through a tunnel and the sound was coming from that. This sound that I heard was pretty intense. It felt like a really large train was running around outside this room. I read more about lucid dreaming after this. This dream stood out because there are no train tracks near my place. After some research, I found out that some people have actually reported being in Space while dreaming. This makes sense inside my mind because according to some religious scripts like Islamic ones the human soul leaves for a different dimension named Barzakh while one is asleep.

Even after learning about being able to travel to Space and being part of the Barzakh while one is asleep, I did not think back to how I heard these sounds while I was asleep. This was because I had no explanation whatsoever to figure out what really happened; also, perhaps, I wasn’t ready enough to investigate what actually happened that night. Today I was just browsing the web when I came across two YouTube videos (video 1, video 2) where they shared the sounds of the universe. To my surprise, the sounds of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Enceladus all remind me of the sounds I heard that particular night.

I now know that I went into Space that night. Yaaayyy!

Added May 14, 2022

Another sound that this one reminds me of is the sound of the Black Hole. Watch YouTube channel V101 Science’s video “This Is What a Supermassive Black Hole Sounds Like! Real Sound Recording 2022“. Do you know that Prophet Mohammad was also a lucid dreamer? Do you know that he also crossed the Black Hole physically to connect with God? Watch YouTube channel ThereIsNoClash’s video “Is a black hole shaped like a finite worm-hole (funnel) or a finite jujube tree (twisted funnel)?“.

So Islam teaches us that time travel can take place through Black Holes. This makes sense to me! I receive precognitive dreams (visions). So I mentally—not physically—travel through time as well. Thus, after thinking about how I heard this peculiar sound during one of my dreams, I have now started wondering if the Black Holes are somehow part of the world of the lucid dreams. I wonder! I wonder!

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