I Dreamt Of A Cat

Today, I dreamt of a really cute cat again. I feel pretty close to cats so I have received signals from them while I was awake or asleep. What’s even more fun is that cats can read me very well. One of my friends had a large cat named Kajol. He hated strangers; but, he fell in love with me. He played a lot with me! And, before I left him (the day I saw him for the last time before he died), I received a telepathic signal from the cat that he was not feeling well. Read “I Received Signals From My Aunt’s Cat Before She Died“.

Today in my dream, I experienced a funny sight. A small black cat was sleeping near my feet as I was kind of dozing. I don’t know if this cat was a guy or a gal; I think I will refer to it as a she. Pretty soon, she fell from my bed. She almost hit her head on the floor; quickly, she rolled over to stabilize herself. She could not stop herself rolling due to the momentum and kept rolling. I felt startled as I saw her roll around like this. She eventually stopped spinning around; stood up on two legs; and, then moved one of her paws as if she was pointing to something or saluting someone. The most unforgettable part of this dance was that her head wobbled slightly as she performed the last pose. Now I am thinking back to her how she reminded me of myself. I also dance something like this when I have some spare time.

Gosh! I love cats. What’s very interesting about my relationships with cats that I don’t have a cat of my own because one of the ladies I live with is allergic to cat hair. Thus, I steal whatever pleasure I can by playing with my friends’ cats; and, I sometimes sleep while listening to YouTube videos of cats purring.

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