Lucid Dream After Meditation On My Guardian Angel Whom I Renamed “Eloa”

Some days ago, I had a great dream after I meditated on my Guardian Angel; this time I named my Guardian Angel Cassiel, which means “Speed of God”. Read “A Lucid Dream After I Meditated On My Guardian Angel”. Since the dream that was triggered was so interesting, I decided to rename my Guardian Angel. This time I called it “Eloa”, which according to the aforementioned article means “She Who Questions”.

I  had another strange dream after I meditated on my Guardian Angel Eloa. Here is the stunning result.

The night had fallen; and, the temperature was a bit chilly. I was with some other people of my age. We walked down the stairs; and, then I sat down in an enormous park. Perhaps a couple of my close family members were with me; I clearly saw only one senior female relative who sat right next to me. We sat in a very large circle, which is a significant finding. According to the above-mentioned article, “Eloa” is the name of angel who is known to be born from the tear of Jesus. Tears and eyes have parts that look like circles; and, pictures of Jesus also shows a round halo on Jesus’s head. I think that the large circle of people is indicating that this occasion is actually very sacred. Now let us go back to this dream. It was dark but this place was lit. I was looking around trying to figure out what was going on. Suddenly, my relative who was sitting next to me took some jewelry and make up out; and, then she started putting these on me. I gave her my right arm; and, she put a set of bangles on it. Only two bangles from that set were broken; I could see the golden colored base of these bangles since the decoration had worn off. However, I know that these bracelets are not made out of gold. I mean why would someone put decorations on top of a Gold bracelet! When she was done with my first arm, she asked for my left arm; and, I extended it so that she may hold my hand. Eagerly, she put another set of bangles on this hand. Then she also applied some nail polish on my nailsI definitely saw a fake nail that kept slipping off my real nail. I was wearing red or pink nail polish now. This was not my wedding though and there was just a general sense of celebration in the atmosphere.

Complicated right!

I looked at the dream dictionaries for some explanations.

I am glad that I was not wearing Gold bracelets because that does not have a good explanation attached to it. Here is the explanation that I feel is more fit somehow. I am saying this explanation is more fit because another relative of mine reported having a very positive dream about me and because I had some dreams that are pointing to this direction.

Being Gifted A Bracelet

According to “Dream Interpretation Dictionary” receiving bracelets as a gift suggests that I will help someone without expecting anything in return. According to “My Islamic Dream” site, receiving a gift during dreams means positive things like love, happiness, and friendship.

Wearing A Bracelet

According to “Dream Book”, seeing bracelets on one’s arms indicates an early marriage and a happy union. I definitely will have a late marriage since I am usually occupied with work; but, I feel that I will have a happy union. Again, this guess is based on some other dreams I had.  According to “My Islamic Dictionary“, wearing a bracelet means joy of some sort given that it is being worn by a woman.

Trying To Wear A Bracelet

I allowed this woman to help me wear these bracelets. According to “Dream Interpretation Dictionary” this means that I am secretly in love with someone. I need time to think about this! This might be in the future since I do receive dreams that later come true.

Wearing a Bracelet Set

According to “Auntyflo” website, if the bracelet is part of a set, then that means that the dreamer is advancing in the social setting.

Broken Bracelet

I saw two broken bracelets; but, the rest of the bracelets were in great condition. According to “Auntyflo” a broken bracelet means that I need to protect myself against an explosive person.  According to “Dream Interpretation Dictionary” this could mean a decrease in one’s income. According to “Dream Book” this means that I will develop an attachment to someone.


I saw a complete circle that was made by people who were sitting in this gathering. I did not fully saw a full circle although I heard a voice that told me that this was a whole circle; I do remember vaguely that I looked up at some point and saw people sitting as far as I could see. According to “Auntyflo” a complete circle means that things including a romantic relationship (I think this is in the future since I am still single and I have not met anyone significant yet) are connected at my end and things are reaching completion. This also means that certain relationships are important to me.

Okay! So that was tough to do. One critical conclusion of this particular dream that is offered to me by my Guardian Angel Eloa is that I am most likely going to have a happy marriageI am also using my previous dream signals to reach this conclusion.

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