Types of Intelligence That I Demonstrate

Once a Psychology professor from University of Toronto told me that there are many different types of IQs and IQ tests don’t focus on all of these. For example, in my case, I have high levels of stereodepth vision and I also receive precognitive and historic lucid dreams.

So get ready with pen and paper! We are going to do a short activity right now. We are going to review different kinds of intelligence; write down which ones you are capable of executing and improving.

Check out the video “9 Types of Intelligence“; its by YouTube user Psych2Go. This video mentions the following types of intelligence:

Naturalistic Intelligence: I have high levels of stereodepth visions, which helps me observe my environment keenly. I have learned how to sharpen this vision by engaging in lucid dreams.

Musical Intelligence: I am pretty fast at Mathematics. I am learning how to play guitar during my spare time. I can play music and songs during my lucid dreams as well. And, I write and perform poetry; poetry is a type of music because I hear it play inside my mind in form of tunes and images.

Logical Mathematical Intelligence: Mathematics comes easily to me. I have received Honours in Mathematics from University of Toronto. When I study this subject, I feel very relaxed almost like I am playing music.

Existential Intelligence: I completed my Philosophy Minor from University of Toronto. I did this for fun! However, I was mildly surprised when the University of Toronto’s Philosophy department invited me to nominate a professor. They called me due to my high marks⁠—do you know that I used to question all my teachers for hours and they totally loved that about me. I chose to become a poet and a creative writer because this way I can think and even try working on problems that don’t have solid solutions.

Interpersonal Intelligence: I have high Empathy, which is a type of Extrasensory Perception; due to higher Empathy, I experience Telepathy. I am also an ENFP; ENFPs are the basis of any given organization due to their strong interpersonal skills. I love acting in front of my mirror; and, I make sure to take rest in order to manage my fatigue.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence: I love dancing; I love exercising especially yoga; and, I love learning Martial Arts. So far, I have one year of training in Taekwondo and Karate. I have 13 relevant apps installed on my cellphone, which I use one by one when I am working out.

Linguistic Intelligence: I don’t use challenging words on this blog on purpose because I know that most people won’t be able to read these. This is an indication of linguistic intelligence. I reserve my linguistic adventures for some of my poems and all the harder stuff like reports and essays.

Intra-Personal Intelligence: I sometimes use lucid dreams to convey how I feel. This is an example of higher intra-personal intelligence. I like offering free counseling to whoever needs it; some of my blog posts have very helpful information on counseling and trauma relief. Helping someone think differently is a gift! This is why I am running a Facebook group for abused women, “Forgotten Femmes“. I also have some training in Suicide Intervention. I use this training whenever I need to. I have attempted to save some people online this way.

Saying all this, I am still imperfect like all other humans. For instance, my room is pretty messy and it remains messy no matter how hard I try. Everyone else has cleaner rooms. This links into higher creativity, of course; but, it is still imperfection at play. You know what I mean!  According to Brene Brown, imperfection is the source of creativity, joy, courage, and breakthroughs. See her video The Gifts of Imperfection: Living With Courage, Compassion, and Connection.

So what about you? Do this activity and then learn how to dream. You will get better dreams this way!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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