I Dreamt Of A Baby Girl

I had an interesting dream some days ago. In this dream, someone was holding a baby girl in his lap. I could not see who this person was although I could feel that this was a male. I could clearly see the baby girl! She was just an infant and had really beautiful features. She was very peaceful; and, it felt like she was smiling at me.

Here are a couple of interpretations:

  • Two of my friends (two different families) are expecting children. What if one of these kids is supposed to be a girl!
  • According to Auntyflo dreams of baby girl indicate relaxation and peace. This makes sense to me because I was very happy during and after this dream.
  • According to Dream Moods babies represent pure and vulnerable part of the self. So basically I saw my reflection. Learn about the ENFP child.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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