Lucid Dream About Twins

I had this dream yesterday; I actually attempted talking to a pregnant woman’s unborn twins. During the day, I wished a lot that I could connect with the babies simply because they were sleeping and not kicking when I was trying to talk to them. When I slept that night, I had a dream about her babies!

In this dream, I was sleeping in the meadows; beautiful greenery encompassed me. I couldn’t see myself fully; however, I could see my head and face. Also, I couldn’t tell what exactly I was wearing. I could only realize that I was resting in the greenery. Then a young woman came running from the left; she was on a land higher than where I was. She peeked at me, smiled, and said hello. She was wearing a very beautiful plain pink dress that covered her entirely. I looked at her and smiled. As soon as I noticed her, she walked away towards a nearby tree. Soon, another woman who was identical to this woman came running towards her. She went directly to the tree under which she was standing and held her arm. The second woman was wearing the exact same dress and was built just like the first woman. Both women were now staring at the sky; I noticed that and started looking at the sky as well. I was stunned at the sight that met my eyes! The sky was filled with really beautiful angels. I almost forgot how exactly they looked when I woke up. But, I still remember that they almost seemed like clouds but had distinct figures ; they were super-alert; some of them seemed playful; and, all of them were standing in a queue almost like they were participating in some sort of ritual.  One of the angels⁠—a very adorable one⁠—was holding his/her palm open. He/she was standing near the moon and holding his/her open palm up so that I may be able to see what was in it. There were two babies sitting in his/her palm. The angel was smiling while his head was slightly bent as if he/she was listening to the babies; and, I felt he/she wanted me to see this. Another angel was standing guard right next to this one. The rest of the angels were serenading the entire sky! I also had a brief look at the moon; most of the time my gaze was set on angels and babies. The babies looked very small, playful, aware, and fragile. I looked at them longingly for some while!

The scenery of this lucid dream was really breathtaking. Where I was resting, everything was green. Then there was a portion of the scene that was yellowish or orangish. The tree under which both women stood had vibrant green colors. And, the sky was dark but had white halos and outlines; even the moon had an eerie greyish-blue radiance.

I loved how relaxed I felt throughout the dream, which means angelic presence. This friend of mine prays to God for assistance; so I am thinking that I was actually visited by mine and hers Guardian Angels who conveyed that the babies are doing well. This feels better than a vacation worth more than a million dollars!

I created my image (the one who is resting in the meadows) as if I were wearing one of my clothes. In the dream, I couldn’t see what exactly I was wearing though. I could not even see myself. I could only realize that I was resting in the greenery.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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