Use Of “White Helmets” Is A Distraction Tactic

I have offered my doubts and speculations about the Syrian humanitarian organization “White Helmets” twice before on my blog. Read blog posts “Why I Think White Helmets of Syria Are A Hoax” and “Syrian “White Helmets” Sounds like a Scam“.

In blog post “Why I Think White Helmets of Syria Are A Hoax”, I noticed that the actual number of volunteers for this group does not relate well to the population size of the opposition controlled Syrian areas, which is where this group functions.

According to Wikipedia’s article “ Demographics of Syria“, Syrian areas that are under the control of the opposition have a population of millions—it is not a small region at all. So why does this really large region has only around 3000 volunteers for the White Helmets? Think of things this way. Its war! Women, teenagers, and even seniors are going to attempt to find those who are injured. But, in the White Helmets’ footage we see mostly men conducting the rescue operations; also there are really less women who are participating, which is happening around the time when so many countries have females in their armies. Source: “Why I Think White Helmets of Syria Are A Hoax

Below is an updated version of the blog post “Syrian “White Helmets” Sounds like a Scam“. I had time to watch “The White Helmets” documentary (see Full Feature on YouTube) again so I ended up adding some more details.

  1. This group is from Syria where a very humongous conflict is taking place. But all the members of the “White Helmets” were wearing these very crazy-looking helmets and stylish uniform. Why? Why is it that the entire team has such expensive uniform? Rescue workers usually have less budget and thus their uniforms should be “so so”. Uniform is designed to bend minds, which is how perception and understanding can be distorted.
  2. There are only three members of the “White Helmets” who appeared to talk on the stage. Their names and occupations are Khalid Farah, Former Builder; Abu Omar, Former Blacksmith; and, Mohammad Farah, Former Tailor. We are looking at a builder, a blacksmith, and tailor. I don’t know what type of builder Khalid is; but, I do know that blacksmiths and tailors get paid really less. So are these really volunteers or paid members? Furthermore, why is there no “Former Doctor” or “Former Writer” in this group? I mean there are 3000 members; so for a Netflix movie, should they not have attempted to surprise us by showing members who are really brilliant and who originally belonged to occupations that are designed to protect humans. I mean it would make sense if doctors or writers decided to volunteer with “White Helmets”!
  3. After around 12 minutes have passed, we see an explosion. The explosion occurs; and, one person who is wearing clothing that has the same color as what White Helmets wear is caught on camera falling down. Within seconds, we see a large shadow near this person almost like someone is standing right next to him. Why is someone standing near this individual right after an explosion? If a member of the White Helmets group is standing near him, then that does not make any sense either. He should be running away for a while and hoping that the explosions will stop; then he should be running back and picking up the wounded. Also, around after 11 minutes from the start of the movie, we see some White Helmets run into an ambulance as an air raid takes place. Very briefly, the camera flashes on the face of one of the members and we can easily see how calm he really ishe is not even sweating. This is one strong reason why I feel that I am looking at fake footage! Furthermore, during this entire documentary that is around 30 minutes long, we see mostly the perspective of the White Helmets. They are working with victims of war; why did they not put these victims on the stage in an attempt to share their perspective? Also why is the movie too short, only around 30 minutes long? Is this movie revealing evidence or hiding it?
  4. There are no female “White Helmets” who appeared in this movie. Why? In the war zone, people need help. It should be very easy to find and film female rescue workers. Secondly, how is it always possible to rescue women from rubble without aid from other women? Sure! They are just carrying them around but rescue workers also have to provide some medical care. Do you think Syrian women would be comfortable receiving medical care from male rescue workers? In addition, I spent several minutes scanning three different scenes: one where the volunteers were sitting in the bus and going towards the Turkish training site; second scene is when the volunteers were eating at the training site; and, third scene is about the actual training room. Even after scanning these scenes twice, I could not find any women in the bus or the training center. I could see only men in all these three scenes. Guess what they are learning? They were learning about listening devices that can be used to locate people who are trapped under the rubble. Listening devices are relatively easy to use so women should be able to use these as well. But there are no women in this particular training room. This sounds “off” given that the “Black Helmets” are supported by both British and American organizationsthese countries usually showcase themselves as pro for women rights.
  5. The bus in which the “White Helmets” were being taken to the Turkish training site is branded. The drapes are yellow and there are yellow chair covers that have the Mercedes-Benz logo on it. This is totally out-of-place!
  6. One of the “White Helmets” commented that they have no real training in handling this all. Then why doesn’t this documentary show them cracking out, going “coo coo” while they are talking. It’s a documentary right! I have even read and seen how very strong military men break down like girls due to pressure from war. Why aren’t these men shown in such humiliating and truthful positions or stances? Why isn’t this documentary covering this particular aspect of rescue work. I mean it’s sounding way too neat!
  7. The “White Helmets” are shown driving over to Turkey. The vehicle was filled only with men. And there is no thorough discussion about how they are paying for food and gas.

What I am finding odd about this group is that it is being targeted by several Western organizations and that it was founded and funded by the Western organizations as well; some key regions that are operating inside Syria include France, Canada, US, and UK (Wikipedia article “Syrian civil war” and GlobeandMail’s article “What is Canada doing in Syria?“).  White Helmets were receiving fundings from US, which is the country that has also launched attacks on Syria. Apparently, America has a motive. Then Russia also targeted White Helmets attempting to portray them as fake, which was an attempt that was later refuted by some folks as a lie. See video “LIVE: Researchers share findings into activities of the ‘White Helmets’ in Syria at UN HQ” to learn the views of Maxim Grigoriev who is a member of the Russian Civic Chamber. But EUvsDisinfo’s post “Disinfo: White Helmets admit staging chemical attacks in Syria” shares that Maxim is using suspicious methods to communicate and all this is backed by the government of Russia. Apparently, there are too many articles and investigations out there in favour of and against a small group like White Helmets. This is how I know that they are all in there for themselves. For instance, Canada—a US ally in Syria—allowed Syrian refugees to come to Canada but they weren’t really treated like we were told in news. Read article “Canada’s hypocritical response to Trump’s anti-Muslim order” to learn the following grave news: Majority of the Syrian refugees received sponsorships from Canadian charities, refugee-support groups, and churches; Canada detains undocumented child refugees; Canada screened refugees very strictly and excluded all single men after consulting with the US; and, several Syrians refugees are left in bad conditions so that they must use food banks or donations from charities in order to survive. Read the article “Most Syrian refugees in Ottawa now rely on food banks“; and, you will learn that in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, most refugees are so poor that they need food banks to survive and a lot of them are unable to pay their rents. Canada is a country where sex trafficking is a hidden crime and where some landlords can get away with demanding sex in return for rental discounts. According to the article “Young refugees face racism in schools, mostly from teachers” some Syrian students are being discriminated against in their schools. I have been living in Canada for a long while; and, I have faced lots of abuse and mistreatment from Canadians in academic organizations, companies, and private businesses as well as at personal level. I am very well-educated; and, I have amazing communication skills. Even then, all this is still happening to me. What do you think is going to happen to the Syrians who already have PTSD or Stockholm Syndrome due to the war; who are too poor to pay for their rent and food; and, who have a language barrier and culture gap. I personally think that a lot of Syrian refugees are going to get sex trafficked or raped. I also think that some of these helpless folks are going to be gradually transformed into criminals since PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome both offer sufficient confusion that wrong people can use against the victims. Don’t believe me! Read the article “Half of Canada’s prisoners were abused as children, McMaster study suggests“. Canada is not at all prepared to help them properly! Furthermore, according to the article “American-Russian Relations in Syria? Less Rosy Than Trump and Putin Claim” two major players in this war, US and Russia, are not only participating in the war but also collaborating with each other through phone calls and meetings. The article “Syria conflict: What do the US, Russia, Turkey and Iran want?” clearly states that US is supporting moderate rebels and telling the world that they are after ISIS and IS. However, one must notice that US also created and funded the Taliban during the Soviet-Afghan war. Thus, it has become apparent to me that they are all in it for themselves. If you were to read some of the articles I mentioned in this paragraph, you will notice the same line of logic. I mean what exactly are these countries doing in Syria for so many years! According to the article “Syria conflict: What do the US, Russia, Turkey and Iran want?”  US has lead a coalition of almost 60 countries since 2014. Horrific! This is a disproportionate response to the actual situation at hand.

While so many things are going on in Syria, we are constantly being raided by confusing stories about the White Helmets—even Netflix is participating in this. I personally think that the White Helmets is an organization that was created simply to distract and appease those who were genuinely worried about the Syrian war. Come to think about it! The only time I have seen them is through online articles and videos, which can be easily faked nowadays.

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