I Rode With My Knight

I had a breathtaking dream today! This one was very complicated in nature; since I was already stressed, I was able to catch only a smaller segment of the actual dream.

I rode with my Knight today as we tried to escape from a powerful mean King. The dream started in some old times where a Knight held me in his arms as we tried to escape on his horse from this ruthless King. The scenery changed quickly as the horse galloped furiously. I examined everything around me as I held the Knight so that I may not fall off from the horse. He managed to escape to a large area that was filled with foliage. Almost when we felt that we made it, the scene shifted to a different age. We were now trapped inside a large building. The Knight rode his horse inside this queer place as the rooms shifted deceptivelythis labyrinth felt alive. I could sense the urgency and fear that he felt as he directed the horse to move through changing scenes. Soon enough we were able to leave this scene; but, we were separated by the time warp. And, the outdoor setting where I had to walk alone repeated itself twiceonce for him and once for meas we tried to find each other. The night was dark and wet; the roads were filled with drug addicts and adventurous souls; and, there was a large black van near a building’s exit. Alone, I walked on the empty road to finally find the entrance that would eventually lead me back to him and our world.

I woke up to fully realize that I had fallen in love with the time portals, my incredibly smart dream characters, and horseback riding.

You know how some adults need to listen to interesting stories or sounds before they fall asleep! Well, my creative mind lets me do this while I am asleep as well.  However, In my case, things are a bit deeper. I have always received dreams about horses. Sometimes, I ride the horse alone; and, other times, I ride a chariot or tonga with a group. This is the first time, I have been on a horse with a male dream character. I believe that horses keep coming back to connect with me because I am a Rajput and Scythian by lineage. I wonder if this dream would come true just like other dreams of mine!

If you want to have a lucid dream like this, try building a fantasy before you fall asleep; drawing the characters or scenes as well as meditating on the idea also helps a lot.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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