An Error That Lead To Murder

I had a funny dream today. I saw an error that lead to a murder. This is just a creative dream. I have actually forgotten some parts of it due to stress; but, I remember some parts. I have some stress in my life because I am slowly working to achieve three large projects. I really don’t know if this dream is true or not; but if it is, then don’t be surprised because I sometimes get dreams that actually come true. Okay! Let us check out my dream.

A family was driving towards some border of a country. The older son was driving. One of his family members had to get off because she was not going to this new place. The other family members kept yelling at this guy while he was on the phone. He eventually ended up complaining to them asking them to be quiet. So he drove through some very narrow roads; and, then he was very angry when he found out upon arrival that the border was now closed. He decided to drive back but he wanted to get to his destination. This time he placed his entire family inside a time traveling machine. The machine lifted off and it drove through the time warp. It would briefly come in touch with inanimate objects and bounce off them; but, it made no contact with other humans. They get off somewhere! There is a house and a bridge there. They look a bit different now almost like its a different family. Are these the progeny of the original family? Anyways, this family has two sons. One is younger and he runs around fast; he also exhibits healthy signs of independence despite being young. The second son has large shoulders with rather pointy bones. He is not that tall and yet he fights back pretty well! As the younger one runs on the bridge, a man catches him. This man has some sort of knife, which he uses on this child. The child screams in pain as blood rushes forward from his wounds; thus, his family runs towards him. One of his family members uses a weapon on this attacker and actually manages to hurt him almost chopping him in some places. The attacker now bleeds and cries for help. But, the older son hits him with his legs while ignoring his screams! The family is actually afraid that they are trapped with a murderer on a bridge and a place that they do not know about. There is no one around and they cannot reach out to the cops for help; they have been manipulated to do this in an attempt to escape. I strongly feel that this murder is somehow linked to the fact that the first family did not end up crossing the border on time. I recall there were some scenes in the middle, which would have shed some light into this matter; but, my dream recall is suffering a bit due to stress.

Now that I ponder further, my mind feels split. I feel that the murder is somehow caused due to the delay the driver suffered from. Yet another part of me is questioning if this is just a reminder that I need to start working on my mystery novel “Saryan“. I started writing this novel around 10 years ago; and, I couldn’t finish it due to the fact that I had zero classroom training in fiction writing. I wonder if my subconscious is just trying to remind me to finish the rest of my training so that I may be able to complete this novel!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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