A Lucid Dream About Pakistan’s Watercraft

I had a very weird dream todayI had this one after another dream where I found out one of my spirit animals, the Grasshopper. I saw a bunch of kids who had found a couple of dwarves and who tried their best to hide them from anyone who might harm them. During the dream, I saw these kids running around; interacting with others; hiding in a moving vehicle of some sort; and, playing with their dwarf friends. The dwarves were very beautiful and their heads and perhaps their entire body kind of shone a bit. Pretty soon, their vehicleI think this was a large bus—came to a large bridge that was built over an enormous water body, perhaps a sea. Now, I could see the children eagerly peeking through the windows of this bus; I felt that I was with them and that I was also glancing through the windows although I couldn’t see myself at all. A grand sight beheld them (or us)! On both sides, as far as eyes could see, there were large boats and ships that had flags of Pakistan on them. During my dream, I could almost sense some of the people who were on water vessels. I scanned this scene more than once to make sure that my eyes weren’t lying to me. This stunning sight persisted; and, now I could almost hear some sounds that were associated with these vessels. I woke up after this!

As I rested in my bed, I thought about this particular dream. My first thought was if I were looking at military presence. I can’t be so sure about what kind of vessels I was looking at because I was checking these out from inside the bus. I should have willed myself to go near the vessels just like I did before in another dream. In this specific dream, I looked directly at a picture and willed myself to go into this image; this image changed into something like we observe in real life as soon as I entered this place. I didn’t think of doing this for these water vessels for some reason! Anyways, I looked this up on the web. And, I found this article, “Modernization of the Pakistan Navy Advances at High Speed“. What if this dream is referring to this reality! And, what if it is referring to something else like an upcoming war or some sort of military escalation!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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