Dream Characters Can Say “Yes” Or “No” To You

Dream characters are very personal to the dreamer; and, they have the ability to give or deny permission to the dreamer. The dream character may be somewhat different than the person it resembles; but, I cannot be sure about what exactly a dream character is. It could be any of the following:

  • A portion of my psyche and cosmos.
  • A portion of dream’s subject’s psyche and cosmos. This is especially true when the dreamer is telepathic in nature.
  • A Qareen (according to Islam, Qareen is an entity that is born along with a human) or a Guardian Angel that is associated with that person (whom the dream character resembles) or the dreamer.

I think that dream characters control most of the content of your dreams because they are the ones who are granting or denying the dreamer the interactions—the dreamer also controls a portion of the dream. You must have read that I traveled with some speaker or politician in my dream; that I rarely had sex with multiple lucid dream sex partners; and, that I had visions of the future about certain key figures. In all these cases, the permission to read into the dream content was granted by the dream characters. Not all dream characters say “Yes” and start connecting with me. And, when a dream character says “No”, then I cannot proceed with that dream character. This is totally important to notice! For instance, the same dream character that has given me permission to connect with him/her in one dream may refuse permission to interact during a different dream. The dream characters are really that bright, independent, real, and authentic!

So the next time if you find a dream character who is willing to do something special for you, just relax and enjoy all these unique moments.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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