My Recent Visit to Sky and Perhaps Space: Vision of the July 2020 Thunderstorm

I had an interesting dream yesterday. I was standing near a really large terrace or a window. Everything outside was dark, really dark. I could see houses, buildings, and greenery. I jumped in order to fly; but, I didn’t want to fly too high. So my body allowed me to fly low. I flew through thick foliage; there was a house to my right and another right in front of me. I could see the people who lived in these houses as some of them had come outside. I got bored of this sight so I flew up. As I flew up and up, the scenery changed really fast. Within seconds, I was surrounded by clouds. I was speeding by so fast that I could see nothing more than the clouds. I managed to look in the distant horizon and saw a breathtaking weather phenomenon. I could see a thin streak of lightning coming from the top end of the sky; moving downwards to strike a cloud; and, then vanishing somewhere below. I looked at this odd sight and felt slightly overwhelmed; but, I was in control of my emotions so it was easier to proceed with the rest of the dream.

When I started this dream, I was hoping to meet someone; and, I was able to give it my best shot in order to connect. I must comment that this entire scene is not necessary for the meeting to take place. From experience I have learned that it is possible to move so swiftly that it would seem like teleportation. But for some reason, I could not get to this person like this and instead I was left struggling.

During the dream, I could only imagine my hands. My hands were very close to each other, almost touching each other with palms joined. I focused on my hands and spun by using themin dream world, you can spin by using your hands and not just your feet like you do in real life. The whole scene spun due to this movement. My body went in circles pretty fast. While spinning, I repeated the intention that I am going to go meet this person. I spun for long; but, I don’t really know for how long. Time zone is different in sky and space; and, your soul is out of your body and your existing time zone while you are asleep. There were clouds all around me; sometimes, they were dark and other times they were bluish white. Maybe, I spun for daysI mean this person is pretty far away. The more I noticed the clouds, clearer they became. But, if I noticed them less, the dark field around me would increase. So I repeated myself that I am going to meet this person.

I almost woke up around this time. But, then I went back to sleep again so the rest of the dream just started. Due to my intentions, I ended up in a beautiful foreign place. This time, I felt that this wasn’t a dream and that this was real life. The colors of the dream were lighter; but, they became stronger the longer I stayed. There was some sort of entrance for a building at my back. There was open space in front of me. As my gaze crossed this space, I encountered two offices. The entrances had some sort of wooden planks on which one can step before getting into the offices. Both office doors were joined; one is to the extreme left and the second is in front of me. I didn’t knew where I was! Soon a dream character, a woman dressed in pink, approached me and said in a mysterious tone, “I have been looking for you. I understand you are here to see him. I can tell you where this person is.” I had a strong feeling that this woman is real! I asked her where this person was. She pointed to the office. I looked at the office again; and, now I could see this person’s name written on some sort of plate that was attached to the door. I peeked through the glass portion of the door and found out that the office was empty. I decided to keep looking around and moved towards the back of this area, which was just a couple of steps away. Now the colors became clearer. There was a corridor at the back and perhaps another office that was open. There was a really fat man there and then there was a really slim man there who looked a bit like the person I was planning to meet. I looked at them and tried to figure out where this person was. I couldn’t find him. So I flew back to the sky and spun again. Then I dashed downwards and a lot of trees fell in the way. All of a sudden, I found him; or I thought I did. I felt I was standing right next to this person; and, I could hear his voice although we were surrounded by really fresh smoke/fog of some sort.

This audio of the dream recall (titled “met-X-dashthroughskytrees”) was trimmed a bit since I did not record so well at the end. I was pretty sleepy when I recorded this. You can hear me yawn; and, perhaps I even ended up recording some of the growlings of my empty tummy. LOL!


Date Modified and Date Created were flipped when I moved the audio from the recorder to the computer. The date of creation is July 28, 2020. Date the file was moved is July 29, 2020. This answer about why the Date Created is later than the Date Modified was provided by the Microsoft Community. 

I saw and recorded this dream yesterday. Today, I woke up and ate my breakfast outside. I was distracted by the dark clouds and sounds of thunder so I asked one of my friends about the weather. She told me that a thunderstorm is expected today! I was surprised when I heard this; so I looked for information online. It turns out that scattered thunderstorms are expected today. Here are some warnings from the news.

Special weather statement warns of scattered thunderstorms on Wednesday; Ottawa CTV News

Special Weather Statement; The Weather Network

CTV News Ottawa Broadcast

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