Another Lucid Dream Came True: Birth Of Twin Girls

I had a vivid dream at the beginning of July 2020; I wrote the post “Lucid Dream About Twins“. During this dream, I saw two women dressed in pink who made me focus on the sky where I saw the two children on an angel’s hand. Today, I received a wonderful news! My sister has given birth to twin girls. I can talk about this now; but, in the post I did not mention that I was referring to my pregnant sister.

Then a young woman came running from the left; she was on a land higher than where I was. She peeked at me, smiled, and said hello. She was wearing a very beautiful plain pink dress that covered her entirely. I looked at her and smiled. As soon as I noticed her, she walked away towards a nearby tree. Soon, another woman who was identical to this woman came running towards her. She went directly to the tree under which she was standing and held her arm. The second woman was wearing the exact same dress and was built just like the first woman. Source: Lucid Dream About Twins.

First I thought that the babies were in the sky. But now I know that the two women from this dream were also the babies. Here is how I know! The women in my dream felt very close to each other; and, they stood right next to each other under a tree while holding arms. When my sister’s twins were born, they were holding hands. Here is another attached idea. These two babies (the ones in the sky) are going to grow into older women (the ones standing under the tree). Second interpretation is that these babies will become women and they will wait for their own babies to arrive while I would have grown too old and so I will be resting somewhere at the time this will happen.

I have posted an image of them holding hands belowI do not wish to share full pic here yet.

These babies are my idols! They sent signals to me before they were born. Lastly, I believe that the fact that I was able to get tuned in to find out things is a gift from God. What a lovely surprise!


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