Did I Receive Some Sort Of Warning From Malaysia?

Today, I saw this snippet as part of a more elaborate dream. The rest of the dream focused on interacting with people in their houses so I have almost forgotten the content. But, this portion stood out from the rest so I wish to share this on the web.

In this dream snippet, I saw a person who looked like an image or a blob—vainly, I speculated for a while about the gender of this entity—stand up on the map of the world and point to Malaysia. I saw Malaysia clearly written out on the map of this particular region. This entity was standing on a different part of the map and it was somehow able to glance into Malaysia. I looked where it pointed to; and, I was surprised to see that the lower part of the map of Malaysia was filled with something dark black. The darkness looked like dark spots like paint on an image; and, it spread like an envelope over the lower end of the map. The dots were moving around almost like smoke.

Usually one zooms into an image by forming an intention to have a closer look. I have done this before a couple of times. However, I did not do this for this particular dream because I was a bit tired. I am sharing the audio of the dream recall. Pardon any errors in recording because I have merged two audio files although I don’t know how to edit audio files yet and because I was super sleepy when I did this dream recall.

I recorded this dream around 10:36 am on August 29, 2020. The Date Created and Date Modified gets flipped when the audio is moved from the recorder to the computer. This answer about why the Date Created is later than the Date Modified was provided by the Microsoft Community. I am saving this as “Malaysia Weather Warning”; or should this be “Malaysia Fire Warning”? Fires destroy the climate and ecosystems and thus worsen the weather. So I think that title “Malaysia Weather Warning” works well.

I looked on the net for interpretations. Thank God, I found one relevant article titled “Malaysia ditches law to combat forest fire smog“; otherwise, I would have kept a tab on this dream so that I may look for answers in the future. According to this article, fires that are started to clear palm oil plantations in Indonesia usually go out of control and thus also cover parts of Malaysia. Malaysian government was creating a law to punish the Malaysian companies that are working inside Indonesia for causing such fires. But a new administration actually gave up on this plan because now they want to collaborate with other countries to handle this issue; but, this move is being criticized by some experts.

The reason I think it relates to my dream is because Indonesia’s Sumatra island that is identified in the image of this article is actually close to the lower end of Malaysia; and, this article was published in Kuala Lumpur, which is also in the lower part of Malaysia’s map.

Very frankly, I am extremely worried. I was actually planning to visit outer space or exciting sites like an ocean; but, I ended up receiving a rather freaky image of Malaysia. I am writing this from Canada; and, I must state that I have never visited Malaysia. Furthermore, I must comment that I have been rather busy studying current politics of war and abuse. I do receive dreams related to climate change a lot. Read “Lucid Dream About Dead Birds“; “My Recent Visit to Sky and Perhaps Space: Vision of the July 2020 Thunderstorm“; and, “Why I Have Started To Experience Strong Weather More Often While I Am Lucid“. So I am not surprised that I had a dream of this sort. My dreams are my best part; so if some of my dreams are showing how ruined and wrecked Earth and its inhabitants are, then somebody must be blamed for this and somebody must take responsibility for this. I implore those who are in the position to help to stop these fires from taking place. I feel something massive is going on given that this kind of data has entered my dream world. I can get hurt during my sleep if the weather keeps getting harsher. For example, in the blog post “Why I Have Started To Experience Strong Weather More Often While I Am Lucid” I stated the following

During these moments, after becoming lucid, I feel that my soul cannot make it to the designated location or person. I feel it being thrown around rather viciously. Other times, I feel my soul literally shudders due to the high wind. Source: “Why I Have Started To Experience Strong Weather More Often While I Am Lucid“.

Now a bit about how I feel I created this incredible dream character inside my mind. A couple of days before I fell asleep, I meditated on my Guardian Angel. I have been trying a new method where I would alter my Guardian Angel’s name to see which characteristics would reflect back. So far, I have named my Guardian Angel Cassiel (Speed of God) and Eloa (She Who Questions). Read ‘”A Lucid Dream After I Meditated On My Guardian Angel“‘ to see Cassiel in action; and, check out ‘Lucid Dream After Meditation On My Guardian Angel Whom I Renamed “Eloa”‘ to see what Eloa brought for me. This time I meditated on angel name Dina; which according to article “Angelic Names for Boys and Girls” refers to the angel who taught speech to humans. Furthermore, I sometimes imagine holding a doll on the back of my hand; and, then I ask it to answer my questions. I feel these two meditations somehow got combined during my dream to produce the blob (doll like entity). I hope this knowledge helps you create your own dream characters.

Now let us go back to the main subject. Can you imagine being thrown around so wildly while you are dreaming? Can you imagine your dream characters, some of who you created after sincere meditations during the day, feel distraught every now and then? After thinking about the content of this dream, I have started feeling very worried for everyone including myself at this point. And, I am hoping and praying that Planet Earth and its inhabitants will somehow find some peace.

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