Visit To Two Planets Other Than Earth

Today, I had another bizarre lucid dream. Before sleeping, I told myself that I am going to Barzakh, the place human souls visit during sleep. After this, I had a couple of dreams; I woke up in the middle of all this and went back to sleep. Some of this dream took place on Earth; but, I feel that the rest is elsewhere. The following is description of this other place.

In this dream snippet, I became aware during my dream only to see myself lifted very fast to a great height. I was just being lifted through dark space that was all around me. It was going too fast; I did see some buildings during this. I tried to stay in control so I decided to spin and formed an intention to see a specific Christian speaker who sometimes visits very beautiful places; some days ago, after thinking about this, I told myself that I will also visit extremely lovely places now. I am an ENFP so I like playing like this! Thus, I told myself that I am wearing my imaginary Solomonic Veil; and, then I spun and spun. Meditations about this imaginary Solomonic Veil did stabilize one of my previous dreams. Read “Why I Have Started To Experience Strong Weather More Often While I Am Lucid“. This time I spun and only darkness was around my hands; my palms were touching each other and my fingers pointed outwards as if I were praying. I focused on my hands and saw dark stuff swirling around it as I navigated. Of course! I could see my hands to some extent. Perhaps, there was some light around here! I believe that the dark stuff around me is something that is part of the Space, something that is dark black. This dark energy I interact with actually exists; and, it interacts with the human soul pretty well. Read articles “Dark Energy: The Biggest Mystery in the Universe“; “Here’s The Reason Why Space is Black“; and, “The Dark Universe“. So after spinning, I came across something I have never seen before. But before I encountered this place, I was met with really high and rough winds. The winds of this region were so rough that my soul couldn’t maintain balance; and thus I was thrown around very viciously as I shivered and gathered courage to proceed. As soon as I came out of these rough winds, I saw a land that was filled with small ice cliffs. I was flying over this land at top speed; but, as far as my inner eye would allow me to see, I could see only ice. Perhaps these were mountains of ice! I can’t be so sure what exactly I saw because I couldn’t tell at what height I was flying. Anyways, it was pitch dark and ice was the only visible thing all the way to the horizon. There was nothing else there except that I did see a very small spot of light far away to my left; I saw this light almost flicker as I flew forward. I believe it was red in color or was that some blue around there as well! As I flew around, I felt slightly cold and a bit scared because I couldn’t find humans. So I repeated the affirmation that I was going to go see a certain speaker—he is mentioned in blog post “Dance of Heroes“. Then all of a sudden, I vanished towards my right direction; PRETTY SOON, I ended up in an office where a man greeted me. However, I feel that I wasn’t there and that woman was someone who was a bit like me but larger and different than me. I/this woman told him to ask the speaker to come and see me/her; and, he used telephone to let the speaker know. Then he made me/this woman sit in the waiting area that had sofas, tables, and books. I/she was wearing the clothes that I/she wear at home, which was my reality check that this is just a dream.

When I woke up, I first looked up dream interpretations; and, I found some interpretations. One of them was that I am looking at some harsh times ahead. I thought it had something to do with this speaker. But, I recalled that I had some positive dreams about him. So I allowed my mind to ramble again. This time my thoughts raced back to how some lucid dreamers have reported visiting Space. So I reviewed things online. And, I did find a Planet that matches the description of the place I visited during this dream. Its Planet Mercury! After a bit of research, I found out that the following details from my dream are actually true!

  1. Planet Mercury is filled with Ice. Read articles “First Photos of Water Ice on Mercury Captured by NASA Spacecraft” and “Weird! Mercury’s scorching temps may actually lead to ice“.
  2. Mercury actually gets cold despite being so close to Sun. Read article “Why does Mercury get so cold?
  3. There are actually red spots on Mercury. Read article, “Mysterious red spots on Mercury get names – but what are they?
  4. There are also some blue patches on Mercury. Read article “Mercury shines in blue and gold”
  5. Mercury is actually very close to Earth. Read article “Mercury Is Actually the Closest Planet to Every Other Planet“. This is why I dreamt that I was able to visit the office where this speaker worked PRETTY SOON.

Now here is the fun part. You know how I wrote that my soul was trapped in high winds for some while before I visited this ice-filled land. Well! I googled this and found out that Mercury has pretty less wind. Read article “The Climate on the Planet Mercury“. But, Venus, the planet between Earth and Mercury is known to have really high winds. Read article “Venus Surface“.

So I visited two planets Mercury and Venus and not just one planet! I like how my mind allows me to do this. I think that my high levels of stereodepth vision somehow tie into this ability.

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