I Dreamt Of The Locust Invasion In Pakistan

I receive a lot of dreams that come true and that have historical significance. It is in my nature to seek the truth, which is why I receive true dreams. I am a Pakistani-Canadian; I have not been to Pakistan for around 20 years. I sometimes miss my homeland; so I dream about it.

Recently, I had a dream about Pakistan’s watercraft. Later, I found an article that discusses how Pakistan is modernizing its Navy. Read “A Lucid Dream About Pakistan’s Watercraft“. In this post, I stated that I had another dream before this one during which I saw grasshoppers. Today, I was thinking about why I saw so many grasshoppers during my dream when I heard a voice that told me that something is wrong.

In this lucid dream, I ate something rotten; so I threw it out of my mouth. And, two bugs also came out of my mouth. My mother was in the sitting lounge with my aunt Rubeena (nickname “Booboo”). They were worried about something; I got worried after what I heard. I was in the kitchen. I opened the closet door. There were so many utensils there; and, there were so many grasshoppers there as well. You have no idea! One of the grasshoppers got into my sleeve. I heard it buzz! I felt scared and hassled as it got stuck to me. I shook my arm and the grasshopper fell off. Then it tried getting back in my sleeve so I shook my arm again—in the audio, I use the Urdu word “jhatka”, which means “shook”. I felt it didn’t want to let go of me! The grasshopper fell on the floor and quickly hid under the fridge. I don’t know what this all means. I have never seen grasshoppers in my old house before—thus, in the audio I refer to them as “new type of insect”.

Here is the audio file of my dream about the grasshoppers. I am not speaking clearly because I had just awaken from my sleep and was still resting in my bed. Dream recalls aren’t easy to do!
This dream was recorded on July 26, 2020, which is the date blog post “A Lucid Dream About Pakistan’s Watercraft” was published.

There are a couple of things that bothered me about this dream. First of all, I heard voice of one of my aunts, Rubeena. This aunt actually died a couple of years ago. Second bizarre thing is that I ate something rotten and two bugs came out of my mouth. Why did I eat something rotten in this dream when in other dreams I can eat really tasty chocolates? Also in this dream, I was really worried about something.

So keeping these odd facts in mind, I researched the web. Soon, I found out an article about how locust (a type of short-horned grasshopper) plague started spreading in Pakistan in April 2020. Read article “Locust invasion wreaks havoc on Pakistan’s crops, orchards“.

Okay! I can clearly see now how different elements can get combined to offer a bigger picture. First I thought that I was being visited by my spirit animal, the Grasshopper, which symbolizes change, status, or power. Around this time, I was going through some major changes in my life; so I mistakenly thought that the dream was showing this. Today, I thought back to this dream and got a very bad feeling about it. Thus, it is also obvious that the feelings that are created during the dream last for longer. The elements of death and negative emotions were also combined to convey a bigger picture. It is clear that the lucid dreams offer a much bigger scenario or concept in short story format.

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