Learning By Associating With Dream Characters

I had a very interesting dream today. In this dream, one of my heroes, roller skated in front of me and a group of people. This happened inside a lecture room where lots of students were seated. It was a large lecture hall that had stairs leading from the front to the back. Students were scattered all over the room. Some were busy reading their study materials; some were socializing; and, rest were just watching this tall roller skater. The roller skater wore a blue checkered shirt. He skated in circles for a while. Then he got too near some of the seated students. He felt a bit shy so he lowered his eyes; blushed a bit; and, carefully skated a bit away from them. He was rolling skating; but, he made it look a little like figure staking. He was that clever! He seemed like a frosh due to his appearance and zestful moves. Despite all his hesitations, he kept skating like an expert. He silently enjoyed the energies of the rest as he showed off his skills. Somewhere far away, there was a lab where all the students were trying to learn how to do experiments. They were also very energized and constantly playing with lab equipment to find answers. I was there as well! Thus, I allowed these two scenes to juxtapose inside my mind! Although both parties were fully animated, the roller skater and his party were having more fun because they had to less to ponder about.

When I woke up, I visited “Dream Interpretation Dictionary“. According to the article “Dream Meaning of Roller Skate“, seeing roller skates means that the dreamer will overcome challenging situations; and, seeing people skating indicates that some people are using my name to access provided privileges. Since my mood during this dream was very positive and carefree, I am interpreting this as a good dream.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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