Altering The Past: The Open Window

The room I lived in when I was a kid and then a teenager had a window that interested me a lot. It was always closed because I lived in the upper floor and because it opened towards the market. But, the closed window did not stop me from having fun. There was time to study; there was time to play games with friends and siblings; there was time for movies and cassette players; and, there was time to stare out of this particular window. I used to climb on the headboard of my bed to get to the upper part of this window because the lower part was blocked with bricks that were part of another building. I loved this activity!

From here, I could see the outside world. I was born in a well-to-do family; but, the lives of others especially the poor attracted me a lot for some reason. I really wanted to learn everything about the rest; I used to get so electrified when I would meet people. So, checking out the marketplace was one of the most exciting things I ever did! From this window, I could see the people who were selling street foods; the Tonga driver who used to clean his horse; rest of the market; a street; and, the neighbors’ roofs where their children played. I used to spend so much time watching the Tonga driver clean and feed his horsethe best part was when he would take care of horse’s hooves and shoes. I was so much in love with horses so this sight was a splendid treat for me. Sometimes, I used to eat ice creams, sweets, or chocolates while standing on my bed’s headboard and looking at this gripping scene.

Sometimes, I used to talk to the Tonga driver inside my head. I used to hear a voice every time I used to talkit was kind of vague inside my head because I was too tuned into watching things instead of listening to myself. Now, after experimenting with my Telepathic abilities, I have realized that that was the voice of the Tonga driver. So today, I had a very interesting dream.

In this lucid dream, I was back to this window. And, I did something that I have always wanted to do. The window was just open now. And, I was hanging out from this window; half of my waist was now outside and half was inside. I was mostly sensing the air around me. I didn’t get to see the market; but, I did manage to feel how fresh everything around me felt. Perhaps, I was humming something. I am not so sure! But, I was in a great mood.

Before I had this dream and a couple of more interesting ones, I had a lucid dream about a very handsome and nice male dream character who is based on one of my inspirations. He talked in an animated manner. He was from a small village; perhaps, he was visiting. He even prayed in my dream along with a group of men. Then my man made sure to finish all his engagements so that he may get back home to me in time. He even had an argument with a man who actually got into our house to quarrel with him during the time he had saved for us. I told him to kick this man out; and, I almost felt him kicking. Immediately, I got scared of the possibility of him throwing this man out because he (my guy) was pretty athletic. I felt he was just going to use one of his legs to throw him out! He didn’t kick him though; instead he just talked to him and calmed him. After this conversation, the angry man left in a happy mood. I was very excited when I saw my date. He chatted a lot while I rested in his arms. He laughed and loved me while talking. We were husband and wife in this dream. I did not had intercourse; but, we exchanged a lot of energy so it felt like intercourse. I think the fact that I have never been in a real physical/sexual relationship is playing a role in creating a dream with no real intercourse. Read article “Lucid Dream Intercourse: The Technique That Really Works, Feels Great, and Lasts Longest“. Saying this, I must comment that I rarely receive lucid dreams where I am having real intercourse. And I believe that some of these dreams are actually about my real husband. I am still unwed; and, I had these dreams while resting alone in my room.

Keeping your mood uplifted is the key to playing in the world of dreams. If your mood is too down and you aren’t struggling to revive yourself, then your dream world will just die slowly like the rest of your mind and body. This is why lucid dream relationships are a key part of the dreamscape.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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