Is Canada safe for women? I have asked this question a couple of times on my blog; and, I am asking this question again. I just read USNews’s article “Best Countries for Women“; Canada is listed there as #5. I think that this ranking only shows that relevant data remains hidden in Canada. Over time, I have learned that a lot of Canadians abuse (including victim-blaming, gaslighting, and intimidation) women especially non-White women. This happens in academic organizations and workplaces.

Lisa Neve was labeled one of the most dangerous women in Canada. After being silenced for so many years, she decided to speak to the media. Read the article “After decades of silence, Canada’s one-time most dangerous woman slams justice system” to learn her entire story. I am sure that she is not alone and that there are many more such female victims. According to the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s article “The Facts about Gender-Based Violence”, 67% of Canadians know a woman who has gone through abuse including sexual abut. Yeah! My experience tells me that this number includes White women as well. So why is Canada ranked #5 in the article “Best Countries for Women“? Is it because other countries also offer lots of abuse to women? Or Is it because this article offers mere propaganda?

Quite frankly, I have no clue what’s going on! But, I have lived in Canada for several years; and, I find the Canadian workplaces to be extremely toxic. Trust me! Canada is a type of country you must stay away from especially if you are a non-White woman.

Added on Jan 09

Canada is a very hypocritical country. They boast that they are protecting women abroad; but, child marriages are legal in Canada. Read McGill’s article Child marriage is legal and persists across Canada.

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