Is Canada Safe For Women And Girls?

Is Canada safe for women? I have asked this question a couple of times on my blog; and, I am asking this question again. I just read USNews’s article “Best Countries for Women“; Canada is listed there as #5. I think that this ranking only shows that relevant data remains hidden in Canada. Over time, I have learned that a lot of Canadians abuse (including victim-blaming, gaslighting, and intimidation) women, especially non-White women. This happens everywhere including academic organizations and workplaces.

Lisa Neve was labeled one of the most dangerous women in Canada; after being silenced for so many years, she decided to speak to the media. Read Jordan Omstead’s article “After decades of silence, Canada’s one-time most dangerous woman slams justice system” to learn her entire story. I am sure that she is not alone and that there are many more such female victims. According to the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s article “The Facts about Gender-Based Violence”, 67% of Canadians know a woman who has gone through abuse including sexual abuse. So why is Canada ranked #5 in the article “Best Countries for Women“? Is it because other countries also offer lots of abuse to women? Or Is it because this article offers mere propaganda?

Quite frankly, I have no clue what’s going on! But, I have lived in Canada for several years; and, I find this country to be an extremely toxic place. Trust me! Canada is a type of country you must stay away from especially if you are a non-White woman.

Added on Jan 09, 2022

Canada is a very hypocritical country. They boast that they are protecting women abroad; but, child marriages are legal in Canada. Read McGill’s article Child marriage is legal and persists across Canada.

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