Pressing Pressure Points During Lucid Dreams

I had a couple of interesting dreams today. I was worried about something when I fell asleep. I don’t fully recall most of my dreams due to stress; but, I do remember some of them. So here is a critical finding!

I ended up pressing some pressure points on my abdomen during the dream.

I slept feeling anxious, fearful, and worried about something—dealing with COVID19 isn’t easy. I had placed my cellphone on my chest and a picture of a friend of mine was open on it—I had time to go over the pics saved in my cellphone’s Gallery. During my dream, I used my hand to move my cellphone down on my abdomen. It now sat a little below my belly button and above the vulva but still on the lower abdomen. My cellphone stayed there for a bit; and, I felt the pressure from it. When I woke up, I realized that I had left my cellphone on my chest and slept.

I started reviewing things right away to figure out what was going on. I think that certain pressure points were pressed during this process. I wonder how deeply these were pressed or if I were just finding relevant information without actually pressing these points. I reviewed the Stomach Meridian points mentioned at the YinYangHouse’s website. The ones that I believe were impacted by this move are ST26, ST27, ST28, ST29, and ST30. According to YinYangHouse’s website, ST27 works on fear, panic, and anxiety. Also two Spleen Meridian points, SP13 and SP14, were pressed. According to YinYangHouse’s website, SP14 actually manages fright and panic.

Alright! I don’t quite know these points and their function. The only pressure points I have studied are for Martial Arts; so I don’t know these ones. I find it interesting how I can find new information by using my lucid dreams!

I feel like a Therapist! Thank God! I learned how to use my personality type well while dreaming. I am an ENFP; and, so I derive warmth and learning from people.

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