Another “Silver Bullet” Prayer Came True

I have just realized that another one of my special “Silver Bullet” prayers has come true. Here are the sequences that lead to the completion of this prayer.

  1. I connected online with Professor J.K. Fowler who is the founder of Nomadic Press. I wished that I could visit the Nomadic Press team and meet J.K. at least once in my life. Here is a great dream I had about him; read “Dance of Heroes“. I was also introduced to The Mantle by J.K. Fowler. This project was founded by Shaun Randol; The Mantle offers a lot of helpful content on Literature and International Affairs. I had a great dream about Shaun too; read ‘Use of A Specific Visualization Technique Created Dream “He Loves To Chat!”
  2. I dreamt of meeting Dr. Craig Considine in 2017; I met him next year. Read “Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year”. I started learning about his teachings in detail this way.
  3. Then I came across journalist CJ Werleman who defends the Human Rights of Muslims across the globe. I decided to learn about these issues in detail by reading his work. Here is an amazing dream I had about him; read “My Psychic Images of CJ Werleman“.
  4. COVID19 pandemic started in 2020. Nomadic Press started offering free open mic sessions soon afterwards. I joined these sessions and met J.K. Fowler and the rest the folks. I started listening to their poems and felt that there were a lot of new techniques and concepts that I could catch. Oh! They do discuss “White Supremacy”, which is a topic that I have always wanted to learn. They also publish online chapbooks (selected verses of all the poems) for all the open mic sessions; this way, I get to review some of the stuff I heard and what exactly others really liked.

So one of my older prayers that I wanted to cause positive change came true but with deeper meaning attached—I said this one around 2004. Read “Poetry Is A Critical Part Of Activism”. Originally, I desired to speak out against discrimination; but, now circumstances and new developments are telling me that it is time to handle some Human Rights issues.

Attached to this prayer is another prayer where I wished that I wanted to meet Nomadic Press team and J.K. at least once in my life. Pretty intriguing!

How does this all sound to you? Does this make much sense? It sounds complicated, right! Disbelievers tell you that praying to God does not make any sense. They fail to notice that the sequence through which some prayers are supposed to come true might not always make sense. So now you see how prayers work!

Just two tips about praying properly: Be sincere while you pray and feel love for God while you ask for something.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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