Dream That Made Me Study Sales Was A Grand-Scale Prediction

In 2018, I had a dream where I met Shaun Randol, the founder of The Mantle. I wrote about this in the blog post ‘Use of A Specific Visualization Technique Created Dream “He Loves To Chat!”’.

Shaun continued talking like a real gentleman; and, then he gave me the tour of the entire place. He stood next to some paintings; placed his hand on the wall; stood near me; and, kept talking. I laughed at this gesture again. Then, he smiled and reacted by taking my hand and helping me walk to a different place. I started feeling tired from all this; so I almost fell asleep. I think this is what I did but I am not really sure. There were some other parts of this dream that I don’t fully recall. However, I did notice that Shaun had somehow made me pay attention to the paintings and that I spent some time looking at these. I also noticed that during this dream, I could make this man kind of fade away and still stay next to me just like a real ghost. Source: ‘Use of A Specific Visualization Technique Created Dream “He Loves To Chat!”’.

In 2020, I wrote how I studied sales in 2019 since I felt inspired by this dream. Read blog post “I Focused On Learning Sales After Interacting With A Dream Character“. First, I thought that I just felt inspired by what I saw in my dream. Later, I realized that this chat was not exactly what I thought it was.

On Nov 12, 2020, I attended a meeting where the conversation revolved around how lots of people have lost jobs due to COVID-19 and how new businesses would hire Sales Professionals.

This meeting took place on Nov 12, 2020. I learned during this meeting that in the future Sales Professionals will have more jobs.

At the top of the first page, you can see the date is Nov 12, 2020. And, at the bottom of the second page, you can read how this dream is actualized.

Wow! This lucid dream was a warning dream where my spirit guide appeared as Shaun Randol to convey a message or is it that Shaun himself is one of my spirit guides.

I am a bit frightened as I write this because it is kind of scary to experience something like this. I mean, I thought I was just hanging out with Shaun during this dream; but, now I am in a bit of a shock. I guess this is normal when a grand scale prediction comes true!

Added Jan 2022

“Entrepreneurial aspirations hit four-year high as Canadians believe the pandemic has created new opportunities for small businesses: RBC Poll“. This article was published on NewsWire on Jun 22, 2021 and written by RBC Royal Bank. This piece shares how new businesses are opening all across Canada. This reality ties into this particular lucid (clear) dream.

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