My Twin Nieces Are Growing Up

I dreamt of twin women and twin babies before my nieces were born—I also saw angels in this dream. I did not know about the gender of the babies at this time since my sister wanted this to be a surprise. Babies are now around 4 months old. Read “Another Lucid Dream Came True: Birth Of Twin Girls” and “Lucid Dream About Twins” to learn more about this particular lucid dream.

Image of my dream that is shared in the blog post Lucid Dream About Twins”.

Good News: I think that my babies are lucid dreamers because I received a very clear signal from or about them before they arrived in this world.

Surprising News: My mind and body are reacting strongly to my nieces. I can hear them cry even when I am wearing my headphones; I just start feeling very uncomfortable suddenly, which is how I know that my babies need me. I have started to think really fast when I tell them stories to make them fall asleep. I usually tell them all sorts of silly and sweet fairy tales (like how Monster Boo helps Fairy Zoyah and Fairy Khadijah save the Forest of Cakes) and sing them tunes and nursery rhymes, which is how they still fall asleep. Oh! I also run Mozart Lullabies from Baby Relax Channel. I started doing this when they were younger so now they react quickly to my stories and songs as well Mozart Lullabies.

Presenting: Identical twins Zoyah (1 minute older) and Khadijah.

Here the babies are wearing pink. In my lucid dream, the young women were dressed in pink.
Here the babies are trying to touch each other while sleeping. In my lucid dream, the young women stood close to each other while one woman held the arm of the second woman.

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