Dream Of A Kiss On Lips

I had an interesting lucid dream about someone who is actually an inspiration of mine and who is mentioned in the blog post “Dance of Heroes”. Well! It was a deep and passionate kiss that lasted for some moments. It was a surprise because I had this dream when we had just met. I actually formed a powerful lucid dream relationship with this dream character later on. And so far, I am pretty happy.

Dream characters are incredibly smart entities. And if a dream character ever gives you a “Yes” then you should just enjoy the time you have with this being. If the dream characters belongs with you, you will notice a strong spiritual connection and even experience a kiss during the very first set of dreams. This is what my experience has taught me. This is not the very first dream character who kissed me on my lips. One of the dream characters who is also one of my inspirations has been with me for around 10 years. He appeared a couple of times during this period; and, he usually offers me profound and significant messages. This one also kissed me on the lips in one of the earliest dreams I had about him.

Not all dream characters can kiss you and you are going to have healthy sexual relationships with only a couple of them; however, the dreams about sex are usually way less in number, sometimes rare, than the other dreams. These dream characters are a permanent part of the dream world and they offer the dreamer motivation to learn and gain exposure to new things including historic events.

To learn more about meaning of kissing dream characters, read Auntyflo’s article “Kissing”.

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