My Dream About Women Abuse At Rice University

I had multiple lucid dreams last night and this morning; I slept in a bit to enjoy this entertaining state.

I was flying over rooftops. There were so many rooftops but only one of them had greenery growing on it. The owners has planted something on the roof so the whole rooftop looked like a plantation. All this was covered with some sort of white sheet. But, when I stepped on it, my feet touched something mushy that had water in it; I could almost see the water. I was taking giant leaps such that the next step was really far away from the first one; and, it felt like how a giant walks. This has something to do with my meditation on one of my dream characters “Dark Giant“, which I think is the Angel of Death. I splashed around on this rooftop; and, then I jumped to another rooftop. I eventually got to the land; and, then I flew over the land. I could now see buildings and people. I flew around for some while; and, then I spun around pretty fast. I learned spinning from my dream character “Dark Giant” when I was a child; in this particular dream, this entity took me in its lap and sat in a teacup chair, which spun and spun pretty fast. So I used this technique to spin my entire body; and, I made sure to look at it while it was spinning. Before spinning and while spinning, I formed the intention of meeting a specific speaker at the Rice University.

Some new scenes arrived; but, I forgot them when I woke up. I am having just a little bit of trouble with dream recall due to some stress; anyways, I still remember some critical parts of these dreams. I kept navigating through the dreams; and, eventually, I ended up at the Rice University. This place looked totally bizarre and beautiful. I saw lots of buildings, mostly brownish in color. There were buildings that were clustered together like buildings GHI and then building D. The speaker I was trying to visit was in building D; so I tried to get to building D. To my surprise, I noticed that these buildings were surrounded by water; there was so much water all around these buildings that you can swim in there as you try to get to the university. At some point, I went under the water. I saw a lot of green stuff floating on water. It seemed to be clustered in some areas; and I could see its boundaries thinning where this stuff ends. I could see water all around me; but, I felt reluctant to explore this region. I even saw an amoeba or amoeba-like creature that was glowing and had several wonderful colors—I don’t know how long I have been submerged that I ended up seeing movement of this sort.

So I went through corridors as I tried to get to building D. I did see the speaker for some while. He was giving a speech while standing and a lot of people were gathered around him. I kept moving around. The corridors looked like a labyrinth; if you ended up in the wrong corridor, then you would end up somewhere other than where you were planning to get to. During all this, I saw some kind of assault taking place on a woman. Then I saw a murder and a rape. I don’t fully remember what I saw; but, I remember that someone took scissors and cut a young woman’s dress off. She was wearing a puff sleeve blouse. I distinctly saw scissors being used on her blouse’s puffs. I also fully remember that the woman felt dead after all this was over. A couple of demonic spirits who harmed this woman were in that building; I felt a woman was also involved in this crime. Interestingly, the victim reminded me of myself.

Here are some interpretations of this particular dream.

Water was all around these buildings. Rice University is in Houston, Texas. And, Houston is at risk of flooding. Read article “Sea Level Rise Projection Map – Houston” at

Murder and rape of a woman while some demonic spirits occupied that building. Some crimes against women are taking place at the Rice University. See article “Rice University Crime and Safety in 2019“. This article suggests that violence against women makes up 15.1% of all the incidences that are taking place on the campus; but these make up none of the off-campus crimes. This is why I saw that this crime took place inside the university.

The woman who was attacked felt like me. Well! I am a non-White Muslim woman; I am also an immigrant to Canada. Here is why my dream character is telling me this. Check out “Racist, anti-immigrant messages discovered on Rice University campus“.

What if the entire dream was a precognitive dream? I receive these a lot! Rice University and its neighborhood were flooded in my dream but usual activities were still taking place—I thought that the sea levels had risen dramatically. Then I observed this violent incidence. Does this indicate that the violence against women is going to increase in the future?

I did not knew anything about Rice University’s history because I live in Canada and I have never been to Houston. I just gathered some relevant information about crimes and risk of flooding after I had this lucid dream. Lucid Dreams can definitely be used to open secrets of this world! Some people wrongly believe that we are just looking at creative thoughts that are reflections of previously learned data. However, the reality is that lucid dreams can open realities that the dreamer isn’t aware of.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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